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Feedback for DevotionDemoness

Mar 9, 2008

    1. If I've had a transaction with you through buying or selling please leave me a little note!

    2. I sold a wig to DevotionDemoness and the transaction was flawless! Fast payment and very communicative. I would recommend her to anyone and I would gladly do business with her again! Thanks again! :fangirl:
    3. I bought a Gentle Soo Ri head from DevotionDemoness, and she was very sweet and shipped super fast! Thank you so much, I'd gladly do business with you again anytime. :) :aheartbea
    4. I bought a lovely Sylvia head from DevotionDemoness, and it was a real pleasure to deal with her, besides, the shipping was super-fast ^^
      Really a big huge thanks ! DevotionDemoness is more than highly recommended +++ !! :sumomo:
    5. I sold an outfit to DevotionDemoness and she handled everything exactly how we had arranged beforehand! Good communications throughout! Alex
    6. I participated in a group order run by DD. Everything went very smoothly. Even when items went out of stock with the company, she pressed to try to have orders filled from their other "stores". An excellent group leader, imo. ^_^
    7. I also participated in a group order run by DevotionDemoness. I really appreciated all the effort that was put into to the group order. DevotionDemoness did a great job!! :D
    8. i was in a group order for Iplehouse hosted by DevotionDemoness, everything went smoothly and greatly appreciated the effort put into it :D

      thank you so much!
    9. I was in the Iplehouse group order hosted by DevotionDemoness. At one point she said she would send our items and then we didn't hear from her for a few days. I was a little worried, but it turned out she just had finals. :sweat

      Everything else went smoothly and I would be happy to join another group order she was running. :)
    10. I was also in the Iplehouse order. Everything was great, thank you! ^-^
    11. I was part of the Iplehouse GO run by Devotion Demoness. She was prompt with updates and communication regarding the status of the order on the thread.

    12. I sold a 2008 MD Ryu head to DevotionDemoness. Fast payment, great communication, and let me know when she had him in hand. Thanks hon! :D
    13. DevotionDemoness sold me a WS Ryu 2008 head, and it was perfect! I was very happy with her communication and fast shipping!! thank you so much!! :D!!
    14. i bought a beautiful doll head from devotiondemoness, and it shipped quickly and was well packaged. she also let me know when it shipped. great transaction, thank you!!
    15. I participated in a split for Soom IO with her. She oranized the split very well, was prompt with sending payment reminders, and when he arrived, had the items sent out asap. I ordered the outfit and it came well packaged.

      I would definitely do business with her again!
    16. Was in a split with her. Ran it beauitufully, items came in amazing. Very patient when I was slow with payments or responses because of school. Amazing
    17. Bought a IO scarface from DevotionDemoness , she was friendly and really paitient on waiting for me when i had payment problems. IO scarface came neatly wrapped and safe in a box =D along with a heart candy <3 Thanks!
    18. DevotionDemoness participated in my Heliot Split I was running and was so wonderful to work with! Thank you so very much! :)
    19. DevotionDemoness participated in a Soom Amber split.... she was a perfect member, great buyer....
    20. I purchased a Soom Sard outfit and wings from her. She let me
      do a short layaway which I appreciate! Really nice transaction XD
      Thanks again:)