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Feedback for Devoutdolls

Jul 31, 2010

    1. Sara purchased a PF custom sleeping FP from me. Great communication, smooth transaction, and very pleasant. Thank you so much.
    2. I just sold an LTF Flora to devoutdolls and it was one of the most pleasant transactions I have had on DoA. Communication was great and payment was super quick. She even let me know when the doll had arrived safely. Thanks so much!!!
    3. I sold Shiwoo FP to devoutdolls, and she was a really nice to deal with. She paid promptly, was really sweet in her PM's, and let me know ones package arrived. Thank you so much.
    4. purchased a Puki plate from me and everything went great!
    5. Devoutdolls bought a doll head from me. Very pleasant transaction, she paid quickly and kept good communication.
    6. she bought vampire ws OE miel head from me, fast payment. thank you!!
    7. devoutdoll just bought my Soom Keny from me. The transaction went great, payment was quick and she was very patient with me when I was a little slower getting her new boy in the mail then I would normally be.
      All in all Great buyer.
    8. I sold a wig to Sarah, and she paid promptly, kept up communication and was just really nice to deal with. Thank you very much :D
    9. Devoutdolls bought a soom hybrid from me and things couldn't have gone smoother. I'm so glad my girl found a good home. She paid very quickly, was very nice to chat with, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Great buyer, definitley reccomend!
    10. Devoutdolls bought a pukipuki faceplate from me. Great communication and prompt payment. Thanks!
    11. Devoutdolls bough two faceplates from me. Great communication, fast payment and she let me know when the faceplates arrived. Great buyer, thank you!
    12. I sold Devoutdolls black painted wings and horns and everything was perfect. Hope to deal with her again ^o^