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Feedback for Dezi

May 28, 2009

    1. For anyone's who's had a transaction with me, please, do take a minute to leave feedback!
      Thank you":)
    2. I am honoured to be the first person to leave the lovely Dezi feedback. I bought her Qi Lolit outfit from her which is absolutely sublime. The detai and craftmanship has to be of the highest quality I have ever bought. She packed all the little bits beautifully and was very polite through all communications. An absolute pleasure!
    3. I bought some clothes from Dezi
      she was very kind and helpful
      great communication and very fast shipping!!

      thanks again
    4. I have purchased several outfits for my JID Tania from Dezi, and am consistenly amazed at how beautiful and well made her clothing is. Every item is obviously made with care, from the lining to they way they are perfectly packaged. I can't be happier with the items I've received thus far, they are beautiful and the fit is perfect. Communication is great, and shipping has always been prompt (considering the distance). Highly recommended seller and seamstress. Will definitely buy from again soon! Positive feedback! Thanks so much!
    5. I've bought some clothes from Dezi, an amazing victorian dress set and a renaissance outfit. They are perfect for Shushu, the tailoring is just amazing and very detailed.

      Those dresses and the fabric choice are just beautiful as professionally made ones ( ie: DH), but handmade details made them more precious!
      Communication is great, shipping is fast and package is the most accurate I have ever seen.

      I can say that's the first time I am fully satisfied with ALL outfits for my beloved Shushu, and I will buy from Dezi again... i've never seen such a perfect renaissance style hair net, more beautiful than a diadem!
      It would be wonderful if she opens a commission thread^^

      Thank you!!!
    6. Ordered an outfit from Dezi and am completely satsified with all aspects of the transaction. Communication was excellent, shipping was prompt, package arrived safely and with items beautifully packed.
      Most importantly, the clothes and accessories were painstakingly and exquisitely handcrafted--just amazing. Her prices are so reasonable for the quality of her work that I almost feel guilty.
      I couldn't recommend her more highly.
    7. Ordered two outfits from Dezi. All communication was prompt, friendly and clear. Shipping was quick, much to my surprise, considering the distance. Packaging was not only secure and safe, but beautifully presented - I haven't had so much fun opening doll clothes in a while, very professional!

      The clothing itself is beautiful, well put together, with a gorgeous attention to detail that boggles the mind. I feel her clothing is some of the most top quality out there on the MP with more then reasonable prices and would gladly recommend her - and will probably purchase from her again!
    8. Second purchase.... cannot let alone a part of the renaissance outfit after admiring the pieces bought before Christmas... Bought all the outfit, it's amazingly detailed and well done.
      Super positive experience, I will watch her sales thread often!
      Thank You Denisa!!!
    9. I bought a gorgeous fantasy outfit from Dezi a few weeks ago. She was gracious enough to hold off on posting for me until the wild weather here settled down a bit. I found my experience to be absolutely wonderful. Such a kind and friendly person. And the workmanship of the outfit is just stunning. The dress was well packaged and labelled and arrived pretty fast considering it came from overseas. It was such a pleasure doing business with Dezi and I am sure I will be keeping an eye on her store for future outfits. Thank You so much Dezi!
    10. I am buy Long romantic dress from Dezi. All perfect, quickly sended.
      Dresses are beautiful. Amazingly elaborate in detail. I am excited.:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
      Thank you very much.:daisy:daisy:daisy
    11. Purchased a set of corduoroy overalls & matching cap from Dezi. Communication was great & they arrived in perfect shape. She's a wonderful seamstress -- the detailing and overall craftsmanship on this outfit is top quality! Absolutely great transaction & product!:fangirl:
    12. Very positive feedback!

      When I purchased two outfits from Dezi, I had no idea that I was purchasing works of art! The Hanfu was skillfully crafted, with great attention to detail, ultra fine and luxurious fabrics, and amazing hand-work. I am very impressed. The hanfu is possibly the finest BJD clothing I have! I also purchased a pajama and robe set. Its so cute! Everything fits to perfection, as if they were made just for my dolls. The outfits were also beautifully packaged; everything had been pressed and gently folded into little bags or tissue paper. The handmade shoes blew my mind too.

      Owner appreciation pictures!


      Thank you so much! Oh, she sent a gift shirt too, thanks!
    13. I bought some outfits from Dezi, and I'm pleased with the smoothness of the transaction and the quality of the clothes.
    14. Smooth purchase, excellent shipping time and packaging, and EXCELLENT OOAK clothes. I'm in love with the quality and these are worth every penny.

      My only possible complaint would be that the included stockings are very long for JID legs and are a bit frustrating when posing because their length makes them slide and I'm so nervous about getting them caught in her joints and damaging them, which is more about myself than the product.

      Will definitely be keeping an eye out for new items and will buy again :3


    15. I bought a OOAK outfit for my new Souldoll girl and I couldn't be more impressed! Not only was Dezi quick to respond to PMs and shipped promptly, when the cost to ship was less than quoted, she refunded me the difference. It was very professional of her to do so. As for the product itself, it is aso mazing and well-done. It was worth every penny spent. A wonderful seller and a wonderful product!
    16. I purchased two JID boy outfits from Dezi and am very happy with our transaction. She shipped very quickly, packaged everything every well - and the clothing is very well made with fabulous details!

      Wonderful to deal with and wonderful clothing! :D
    17. I purchased a cute OOAK mouse outfit from dezi and I am more than pleased with it! It is really cute and sewn professionally. Dezi shipped me the items as fast as possible and was always sooo kind. I even got a gift!!! Thank you, dezi, for this wonderful transaction!!!:aheartbea
    18. This is my second time purchasing from Dezi's Boutique! I bought a little dress and a coat, and didn't realize the dress came with super awesome matching socks! Plus, Dezi sent me a gift purple sweater, which is super cute. She even refunded me $2.00 when the shipping came up lower than she had estimated. A very trustworthy seller, and a wonderful seamstress :)
    19. I bought an incredible outfit from Dezi. It's similar to an outfit worn in the movie Gigi. I love it so much! The workmanship, styling, and choice of fabrics/trims is outstanding. I'm so very happy with my outfit.

    20. I purchased several outfits for my Souldoll Apple and I couldn't be happier. They're wonderfully made and fit perfectly. Dezi is so sweet and shipping is prompt. I highly recommend her - her sewing skills are awesome!! Thanks bunches!