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Feedback for DezzyV

Jan 11, 2011

    1. She said she would like to purchase my Delf El I have up for sale, and said she wouldn't need layaway. So after a week or so she said she'd need a little more time, I told her that this is becoming a layaway and she would have to give me a deposit. Another week goes by with no deposit and I ask her for something but to no avail. I told her she has by Monday night to get me at least $150 or I will put him back up for sale. She didn't respond to me at all so I'm doing this.

      I'm a very forgiving person and would not have reported her but she said she had all of the money and could pay without layaway but this was a three week thing of back and forth. Plus this is the second time now that people have not paid when they said they would.
    2. Very sorry to perfectlyflawed36 about all the trouble. she told me she was giving me untill monday, over MSN..i was logged into msn on my phone,
      she then blocked me and i was gone out of town and no where near a computer to get the fourms to tell her that i wasnt going to have the money, nore could i tell her over msn. i told her i was having trouble with the money and that it was fine if she put him back, but was still trying to get the money. by the next day she had already posted this so it was too late anyways and she said she wouldnt take this off either.. which isnt exactly feedback because nothing was gained or lost from this..and as it appears it took her a whole nother month to even sale her doll, nore did she have any other buyers waiting while she was trying to sale to me..
      alas, ive just gotten around to posting about this because ive been on a long hiatus after the passing of my mother.
      and perfectlyflawed36 has apparently "left the hobby" so there is no chances of her taking this down any time soon sadly...
    3. Flakey Buyer Feedback for DezzyV - She contacted me last week about a pair of hands I had for sale, asking about the shipping cost. I told her the shipping cost, and she said she wanted to purchase the hands and asked for my Paypal information. She sent me the amount for shipping, and when I contacted her to ask her for the rest of the payment she told me she didn't have the money for the full amount. I refunded her the payment she'd made for shipping.
    4. DezzyV bought a head from me, everything went smoothly. Payment was prompt, and Dezzy was great to work with. Thanks! :)
    5. @mela. i thought you were selling a pair of hands for 5$.. yes, it was a complete airhead moment and i didnt consider you meant it was ONLY 5$ for shipping.. i then said nevermind cause i didnt have 15$ for you at the time.. theres no "flake" involved..it was an honest misunderstanding and miscommunication..at no point in the messaging did you say "the hands are 15$ and the shipping will be 5$" sorry.. i figured they were damaged or something and forgot what your post for them actually said as i was looking for alot of stuff at the time..
      please delete this, would it be fair if i wrote "false advertiser! told me she could give me a pair of hands for 5$ turned out they were 15$" thats not quite fair, please take this down -___- im sorry for the misunderstanding but this is unnecessary.
    6. lol i guess its pointless to even ask you to delete this.. that just proves how much ive really been on here..if you would have read my other feedback i just came back to doa after a long time, you didnt even warn me that you were going to post this neg feeback, nore did you even tell me i was being a flake or tell me that you were upset, even when i asked for a refund and told you how i misunderstood you, you said it was fine. ive been making stuff to start selling on here but you've probably ruined my chances at ever being a selling with SO MUCH negative feedback..thanks so much Mela, i would have told you to keep the 5$ if it meant you wouldnt bad mouth me like this RANDOMLY
    7. Great buyer: communication was polite, payment was prompt. Thanks again DezzyV.
    8. Good buyer, good communication & was patient. Thanks dear.
    9. Communication with buyer was great! She replied quickly and promptly. She paid when she said she would and everything went perfectly. I would gladly sell to her again. Enjoy your body!
    10. DezzyV is super awsome to deal with. She bought a SD wig from me, paid right away, & let me know when it arrived! Thanks SO much, & enjoy! :)
    11. DezzyV bought a pair of glasses and scarf from me. She was friendly and payment was prompt. Thank you and hope your doll like them! :)
    12. I'm very happy to leave very positive feedback for DezzyV! She has great communication and paid promptly! I'd be happy to deal with her again in the future! ^.^
    13. DezzyV bought an SD shirt from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. We highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    14. DezzyV purchased a Luts Wintery 2010 head from me. Everything went really really well. thank you so much !
    15. DezzyV bought a wig from me. Fast payment, a pleasant transaction overall. Thanks!
    16. DezzyV bought a lovely Brian Doll-Love outfit from me, paid promptly, pleasant transaction!
    17. Excellent seller. Communication was great and shipment was prompt. A+!
    18. Dezzy's communication is fantastic, and an absolute dear to buy from. She's very friendly and throughout our transaction she was very responsive. I put a jacket she made on hold, and when I realized my payment was going to be late she was very, very patient and understanding. And for some reason she even sent me some of the nicest extras I've ever gotten even though the transaction wasn't as smooth on my end of things as I would have liked. What the heck! So nice!

      I would buy from her again in a heartbeat.

      The jacket she made is gorgeous, by the way. If she ever puts anything handmade up on the market, snatch it up!