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Feedback for diddoh

Nov 2, 2007

    1. I made my first transaction and thought I should set up a place for feedback. Let me know how the transaction was for you!!
    2. I sold some clothes to diddoh and she THE COOLEST! And I know her personally and can assure anyone that she is ABSOLUTELY trustworthy and AWESOME!

      I :aheartbea Diddoh ;)

      And she has great taste in dolls.
    3. I sold some eyes to diddoh and I was paid super quickly and it was a smooth transaction all around. Thank you so much---A+++
    4. Sold a head to diddoh. Fast payment, very good transaction overall. Would def. deal with again!
    5. help diddoh pick up several things from Volks.
      fast PM replies and payment :)

      Thank you :)
    6. I participated in a GO with Diddoh. She answered questions quickly and politely, was really easy to get a hold of if needed. Shipping was quick and my items arrived perfect. ^^ Will definately do business with again if the option ever arrises. :)
    7. I participated in a Minimee GO hosted by Diddoh. Everything went very smoothly and communication was really great. ^_^ The head was shipped very quickly and safely-packaged. I would definitely participate in another order with her. :)
    8. I joined a Minimee GO that diddoh ran, and to be honest it was pretty much the only Minimee order I was on that ran smoothly! She did a fantastic job organizing the order, taking votes, communicating with the group and with DiM, and she was also just plan nice and friendly too. Knowing that she could efficiently run a Minimee order proves to me that she could handle any group order EVER. Thank you so much!
    9. I bought a minimee Cloud head from Diddoh. She was was easy to communicate with and replied quickly, and was kind enough to put the head on hold until I could make it to the bank. Once I sent her my payment, she shipped the package out pretty much immediately, and it was here in two days. She also included a wig in along with the head, which was really unexpected and nice!

      I would definitely buy from her again! Thanks so much! :D
    10. i sold a chiwoo head to diddoh and everything went smoothly... prompt payment, good communication...

      i'd be happy to do business w/ her again anytime!
    11. I bought a minimee body from Diddoh and the whole transaction was a pleasure
      from slow start,(on my part), to extreme bubble wrap postage that meant the bod was virtually bullet proof:lol:.

      Beautifully sanded and perfect as described. I hope to trade with diddoh again as this was a pleasure from start to finish:aheartbea

      Redastor xo
    12. I sold diddoh a DOT body. Payed quickly, wonderful communications. I would definitely do business with her again!
    13. Diddoh participated in my group order to Dollmore. She paid quickly and was lovely to deal with. :)
    14. I bought a Milla Jovovich minimee head from diddoh and she was very nice throughout the whole process. She's extremely patient and sweet, and my girl shipped right away after I made my last payment. I'd definitely buy from her again!
    15. I purchased a DoD Luke head from Diddoh and she shipped him very quickly and was extremely patient and helpful through the whole transaction. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!
    16. Diddoh was a participant in the Dollmore Group Order I ran that ended in earlier this month (May 2009). She met all ordering and payment deadlines that I specified and was lovely to deal with! I'd transact with her again anytime. she gets my highest recommendation! Thanks again Michelle! :)

      Juli DC :D
    17. Diddoh bought a top from me, and you couldnt ask for a better buyer!! a total joy to work with. Thank you so much!!
    18. I sold a T. Elf Sha head to Diddoh and she was great to work with. She had very prompt replies and payed quickly. :whitetruffle