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Feedback for Diefbaby ^-^

Aug 5, 2006

    1. Please leave all feedback for yours truly in this thread. Thanks!

      If you have pictures of your doll in some of my clothes - please share! ^^
    2. Weee, first! XD
      Diefbaby was very prompt in payment and very friendly. Greatly recommended! :)
    3. Great seller, shipping was fast and my Jonah's shirt is CUUUTE. I would definately recomend!
    4. Got here quickly and works perfectly~ Thank you so much!
    5. Wonderful quality!!! Friendly seller! Cute pyjama and lovely pants!
    6. Great, friendly seller, quick shipping ^_^
    7. Diefbaby is a great seller.
      She's friendly, and fast. When I get my Shiwoo, I will definatly buy an outfit from her. >w< ~<3
    8. Sold her a Hound shirt and she paid really fast. Great buyer and a wonderful person. Super-duper in every way! Thanks Diefbaby!
    9. i want to thank Melissa for being such a wonderful person & she really makes such lovely clothes for my children.
      thank you again & again.
    10. i just got my clothes-they are sooo cute! i LOVE the pants! :D
    11. great seller, very friendly and very nicely made clothing ^_^ can't wait to get my boy to take pictures ^_^
    12. Diefbaby made a pair of very cute pants for my girl. She was always friendly and kind in her responses and shipped them to me safely and quickly. :)
    13. Nice, friendly seller. The clothing is well made and she shipped them quickly. ^___^
    14. The outfit she made my girl was uber cute! Thanks! :)
    15. Made my boy a pair of excellently crafted hakama that fit and look like a dream! Highly recommended and great to work with :D
    16. Made a cute pair of jumpsuits for my tinies because they were naked and I was a newbie, and when they took a really long time (like a couple months) to arrive in the mail, she offered to remake them. But they arrived in the end so no need. But still, such a sweetheart! Thanks!
    17. Diefbaby is The Bomb. Not only did she make an awesome skirt and shirt combo for my Lydia, but she was very speedy with the whole transaction as well.

      Simply put, she's a joy to do business with! :)
    18. I have just completed a trade with Diefbaby....and let me tell you, her work is amazing! the clothes she made me were stunnigly beautiful! And she's fast! The trade went perfectly! Thank you so much Diefbaby!! :)
    19. I bought a Hound shirt and an MSD jacket from her, the transaction went very well, it was pretty straight forward. She answered my questions and even offered to take extra pictures for me, so that I would know exactly what I was getting.

      They were shipped quickly, packaged safely, and as described.

      Thanks again.
    20. Great seller--quick to ship, helpful, and kept me updated. Would buy from her again! :D