Feedback for Dilly1109

Feb 23, 2018

    1. Please post your feedback for me here. Thank you!
    2. I traded my Iplehouse Asa with Dilly1109 and got her beautiful IH Sierra. She shipped quickly, was very polite and the doll was in awesome condition, I am very satisfied :)
    3. Sold my JID Iplehouse Boris to Dilly1109. Fantastic transaction and was lovely to communicate with! ^_^
    4. I sold Iplehouse JID Kassia to Dilly1109.
      It was a perfect transaction. Paid promptly, friendly communication. I highly recommend. :)
    5. Dilly1109 bought my JID Violet. She was such a nice and gentle person to talk with. Her payment was fast and promptly. Thank you very much for adopting Violet, I'm sure she'll have a lovely home with you and your dolls :)