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Feedback for Dissonant

Mar 11, 2009

    1. + D i s s o n a n t ' s F E E D b a c k +

      Feel free to leave a comment about any transactions, etc. I have made with you. If you had any problems, or have suggestions, I am open to any advice you might have.
    2. Dissonant purchased a '08 Breakaway head from me and the transaction went extremely smooth. She was polite and very fast with the payment!
    3. Dissonant was a participant in my fourth Luts group order run for small items and everything went well. :D Payments were made promptly and communication was wonderfully kept on her end~ <3 Recommended!!

      :clover Thank you for being such a lovely participant!! <3 I hope that your experience in this order was an enjoyable one!! :clover
    4. Dissonant participated in a quick Crobidoll GO I ran. She was very polite, easy to talk to and get a hold of, and very pleasant ^^. I'd love to work with her again some time!
    5. dissonant commissioned several items from us. Quick payment and great communication. Perfect transaction. Thanks so much!!<3
    6. I purchased a Delf Breakaway boy from Dissonant and she was a joy to do business with. She allowed me a short (and fair) layaway, shipped him out quickly after payment and had him professionally packaged. Thank you for making it possible for me to own one of my favorite molds. :)
    7. Dissonant participated in my sixth Fairyland group order and was wonderful to work with. Extremely understanding when an unfortunate incident arose regarding her order and very patient while the issue was being resolved. This was a wonderful transaction and I look forward to others in the future.

      :bcake Thankies!! :bcake
    8. I sold a shirt to dissonant, who was an excellent buyer! She paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. Thanks a lot!
    9. bought 2 shirts from dissonant. was wonderful to deal with. shirt were packed well :)
      highly recommended! :aheartbea
    10. dissonant was very kind in her notes, paid quickly, and had great communication. An excellent buyer. Thank you~!! (*´&#9661;`*)&#9834;
    11. dissonant sold me a KD Bory. She lived close and drove her down. She was very kind, and the Bory was just as described. Wonderful seller! Would deffinently do buisness with her again. <3
    12. Dissonant bought some Dale Rae shoes from me, paid quickly and let me know as soon as they arrived, thanks, definitely recommended:)
    13. Dissonant bought a Modified MNF Chiwoo Head from me. Quick responses, kind and easy to work with. It was a pleasure doing business with Dissonant. ^_^ Would highly recommend!
    14. Dissonant answered my WTB call for a delf white skin body and I couldn't have asked to have worked with a nicer person. She provided good pictures of the body, contact was excellent, and shipping was timely, and it arrived perfectly as described. Would definitely do business with again, thank you so much for such a great transaction.
    15. Purchased a pair of MSD shoes from Dissonant. She was kind enough to include the shipping in the price of the shoes and even sent me some candy along with them! It was an easy purchase and I highly recommend her as a seller :)
    16. Dissonant was in my group order for dollmore. They were quick with responses and great to work with! Thanks!
    17. Bought an msd outfit from Dissonant. The outfit arrived very quickly. The price was reasonable and Dissonant is such a sweet seller to communicate with. Highly recommended~
    18. I purchased a modded Chiwoo head from Dissonant- it was a very smooth transaction and she was great with communication!
      I have bought from she a Beyla with layaway: the doll is perfect. *-*
    20. I bought some clothes from Dissonant, and they arrived safe and sound! Thanks much. <3