Feedback for Dizzy*Mizz*Lizzy

Apr 17, 2020

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    2. I sold Volks SDGr NS skin body to Dizzy*Mizz*Lizzy and it was a great transaction!

      She's very sweet and kind the communication was good and efficient. Payment made promptly, and she followed up after she received the package. Highly recommend her as a buyer!

      Thank you again!
    3. I sold my aGatti Feegle Rob to Dizzy*Mizz*Lizzy recently. Communication and transaction went perfectly. I would recommend her as a buyer.

    4. I sold Volks Lorina fullset to Lizzy. She made payment promptly and was so sweet. I sent a missing item in the first package, Lizzy kindly asked the situation instead of jumping to any conclusion. I feel extremely comfortable to communicate with her. Thank you very much for the smooth transaction. I’d greatly recommend to do business with Lizzy. :D