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Feedback for djkhimtaka

Feb 28, 2008

    1. If you buy/sell/trade with me, leave feedback here. Thanks!
    2. Bought a head from me and was very understanding and patient when I forgot to send out the eyes. Payment was in full, paid very quickly and everything went perfectly. Thank you for being such a wonderful buyer! <3
    3. I just bought a DZ BB Ani from DK Khim. Wonderful transaction. Was understanding when I needed some time to get the money together. Gave her a wonderful custom face-up to my specifications, even a mani/pedi!! She's wonderful, I love her!

      Thanks very much, recommended seller!! =D
    4. I bought a Gretel doll from djkhimtaka. Well packaged, shipped super quick. I would do business with djkhimtaka again!
    5. just traded one of my floating heads with one of djkhimtaka's floating heads.
      transaction could not have been smoother , or nicer for that matter.
      head was exactly as described and is wonderful!
      communication was great and shipping prompt.
      i would not hesitate at all to do business with djkhimtaka again in the future.

    6. I just bought a DiM body from djkhimtaka, and everything went very smoothly. Communication was always prompt and very kind. Thank you so much! :D
    7. I bought a wig and it's absolutely perfect! The shipping was fast and safe; the goods accurately described. Will do business with again! :fangirl:
    8. djkhimtaka bought a wig from me. Payment was fast and comminucation bliss. Couldn't have asked for better!

      Thank you so much, djkhimtaka!!
    9. Bought a scarf from DJ Khim, she's amazing!! Extremely great to deal with! Would not hesitate to purchase from her again!
    10. Purchased a Robel head from djkhimtaka with one of her custom faceups. Kept open communication with me, very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I absolutely love the head I got from her and the faceup she did. I highly recommend her.
    11. djkhimtaka bought a Juri head A from me and was very prompt in paying, she was a pleasure to deal with :)
    12. I got a wonderful pink wig and have to say that the service and communication was excellent, not to mention the nice wig!! Fits my girl perfectly~ Thank you so much for being such a thoughtful seller...
    13. I brought two DoT Wigs from djkhimtaka, very well packed, super fast shipping and wonderfull to deal with all around!! Thanks so much <3
    14. djkhimtaka bought a minimee head, the communication was great, payment was prompt

      Thank you
    15. DJ Khim bought a modded DOT body from me. She paid immediately and was really just wonderful to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!

      Thank you for being so friendly and fun to communicate with! It was a great transaction. Enjoy the body <3
    16. djkhimtaka bought my MiniMee Sleeping Cloud head.
      The transaction was wonderful; paid promptly and was very patient.
      Also PMed me as soon as the head arrived.
      Thanks, and enjoy your boy!! :D
    17. I recently sold some eyes to djkhimtaka and the transaction was great. She paid quickly and communication was nice (^w^). I'm glad you like the eyes!
    18. I sold a Puki piki to Djhimtaka and she paid promptly, was patient, and let me know when she arrived safely. She was a real pleasure to deal with.
    19. djkhimtaka did some custom aesthetic tattoos for my Hiroki, and she did an AMAZING job. She was always in constant communication with me and updating me on her progress every step of the way. I felt nervous sending a body to someone for modification since it was the first time I had done so, but she made me feel so relaxed about the whole thing!

      djkhimtaka has true talent, and I am just in awe of how my boy's tattoos turned out. She even worked with the only pictures I could find, which were so tiny and cut off on the sides! But Hiro's tattoos are just wonderful and seem so much a part of him, that I can't imagine what he would look like without! She really took great time and care and put a lot of effort into this, and I am so pleased with how everything worked out.

      I am so very happy with her work, and I will DEFINITELY be coming back to her for all of my future doll-mod needs!

      Thanks again, djkhimtaka~ :) :aheartbea

      And just to prove she really is as amazing as I say!:
    20. Djkhimtaka bought a fur wig from me she paid immediately, was polite, and kept great communication. I would love to do business with her again, thank you. :)