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Feedback for djsiberia

May 25, 2009

    1. hi!

      If you have had a transaction with me, I'd be very happy if you left me feedback.

      Thank you very much!

    2. djsiberia purchased a pair of eyes from me. She was wonderful to deal with, kept up communication, and was very gracious despite an error on my part that complicated the transaction. She was a great buyer and I would gladly do business with her again :)
    3. djsiberia bought a kimono from me ^^. She paid very quickly, I would defiently do business with her again!
    4. DJSiberia was a participant in my eighth Dollmore group order and the transaction was a wonderfully smooth one. Payments were made quickly and communication was extremely well kept. She's a definite pleasure to deal with and I'd work with her again anytime.

      :clover Thank you so much for participating in one of my group orders! :clover
    5. Great buyer. Fast payment and easy to communicate with. Thank you. ^__^
    6. I purchased iplehouse tatiana from djsiberia. She was a great seller! Very patient as I earned the money during my layaway. Communication was great and she shipped her at 8am the day after I made my last payment!! That's the fastest shipping I've EVER received! I was astonished!
      The packaging was very good and tatiana came in perfect condition - exactly as described!
      I could not recomend this member enough as a seller for dolls or anything else, she was a dream to buy from :D
    7. DJSiberia also participated in my ninth Dollmore group order and was just as wonderful the second time around. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again if given the chance to!

      :bcake Thankies~ <3 :bcake
    8. djsiberia bought animal slippers from me. She paid very quickly and communicated through out, I would defiently do business with her again!
    9. DJSiberia participated in my very first Souldoll group order and everything went wonderfully. Communication was right up to par and payments were sent in swiftly. Another pleasant transaction~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    10. I just bought a wig from dsiberia, and she was excellent to work with! She waited patiently while I waited for my PayPal account to activate, and then when I had complications. When the wig was shipped, it got here in a timely fashion, and was carefully packaged. It was a wonderful transaction!
    11. djsiberia participated in my Dollmore GO , paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with!
    12. djsiberia ordered a custom fur wig from me, and was lovely to work with throughout. She was very clear on the custom design and quick with communication and payment. A fantastic transaction, thank you very much!
    13. I bought a pair of eyes from djsiberia and the transaction went smoothly. She shipped them quickly and they arrived very well packed. Would gladly buy from thsi seller again!
    14. I bought hands from djsiberia. Transaction went well without any problems and the hands were well packed.
      Pleasure to do business with. Thank you.
    15. I purchased a little Cheshire cat from djsiberia. The transaction was excellent and djsiberia was fantastic to deal with. Shipment was very quick. The little kitter was cuter than the pictures. One of my best transactions ever!
    16. I bought a pair of green eyes from djsiberia. It was quite lovely working with her :3 She had good communication, shipped promptly, and was very friendly. The eyes arrived, are in excellent condition, and were packaged very, very well~ :D

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    17. djsiberia bought some MNF items from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    18. [SIZE="-10"]DJSiberia recently participated in my Tata's Paradise group order and as all my previous dealing with her, this one was simply flawless. She's a great person to work with and I'd continue to do business with her without fail.

      :clover Thank you for your participation in yet another of my group orders!! :clover
    19. DJSiberia ordered two more faceups and some work on hands from me recently - an awesome commissioner to work with, once again! Very cute vision, good with exchange of ideas, patient, prompt to answer, and quite sweet overall ^^ Thanks for letting me know the new little ones arrived, and hunh! I don't see a feedback from me here for our first faceup transaction, so I'm sorry about that, and would like to note that the first faceup, which went down a while ago, went much the same - very well ^_^ I do so hope to work with you again!
    20. djsiberia commissioned a faceup from me for her DoC Kirill - she was great to work with, patient when there were weather delays, and had excellent communication. All around perfect! Thanks!