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Feedback for Dobry

Oct 26, 2009

    1. If I bought something from you or if you bought anything from me please leave feedback on how the transaction went here!! Thank you!
    2. Dobry bought my Woo. U head! It was a very smooth transaction- great communication! A+ :)
    3. Dobry bought two pairs of glass eyes from me. The transaction can not be more easier. Our communication was great. Very pleased to work with Dobry.^_^ Thank you!
    4. Dobry bought a Kill-U head from me. Payment was sent quickly. A very pleasent and smooth transaction. Thank you :)
    5. +1 for a great wig commission.
      was really great with communication with me :)
      thank u again
      K :)
    6. Dobry joined my Dollmore GO. Paid quickly, and was understanding about wait times.
      Thanks for being a member of my first GO! It was a pleasure to have you a part of it! ^_^
    7. Dobry bought a So-Nyeon Gi head from me. Excellent transaction with a friendly buyer. :)
    8. Dobry bought some eyes from me. Good communication and great transaction! Thank-you. :)
    9. Dobry joined my split and claimed a Supergem Female body. Great communication, fast payment, I recommend!
    10. Purchased a pair of eyes from me. Perfect transaction. Thanks!
    11. I sold wigs to Dobry. It was a perfect transaction with great communication and fast payment. She also informed me when she got the wigs. A highly recommended buyer. Thanks!
    12. POSITIVE ~ dobry commissioned a face up from me. her communication was friendly and thorough. she also bought a head from me and paid when she said she would. i would recommend her as a buyer. ^_^
    13. Dobry commissioned a face-up from me. She was lovely to dear with and everything went perfect. I would love to do business again!
    14. Dobry bought my fdoll body. Payment was quick and the whole transaction went without a hitch! great buyer :D
    15. i did a face-up for Dobry~ She was very polite, and knew exactly what she wanted ^ ^ It was very nice to work with her!! I would very much recommend her to anyone~!
    16. Great transaction with Dobry :) - very nice contact and cute doll in excellent condition. Dobry belongs to very recommended selles I know!
      Thanks for all - everytime again!:D
    17. I traded my CW Sphaler body for Dobry's BW Souldoll Souldouble body, and I could not be happier! Dobry was easy to work with, had great communication, was a fast shipper and I really enjoyed the trade. We even received our bodies on the same day! I am thrilled, and the body is a perfect match for my Sphaler head, making him just the way I always pictred, lean, muscular, slender, but not skinny or too buff. Wiry and lean, I love him to bits now. Thank you for helping me make this guy perfect!
    18. Dobry purchased a Soom Cass head from me and the transaction could not have been smoother. Dobry was quick with payment and kept excellent communication. A great buyer and I would not hesitate to enter into another transaction.
    19. I bought a Kasis head from Dobry. Transaction went smoothly, communication was good and she shipped quickly. Thank you for a great trade!!!
    20. Dobry traded a large doll with me; the process has been long because we both found all the difficulties possible, but the communication was amazing in every moment, she is an absolute sweetheart and the trade ended fully succesfully. I totally recoment her! Thanks, Knaide!!!!