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Feedback for Dodgerscrubs

Jan 27, 2007

    1. Just posting because I recently remembered that I had a bad transaction with this person.

      On 04-17-2006 at 12:35 AM I ordered a hat from them, over a month later I received it. No problem, I wasn't in any rush, but when I opened the package, the hat was black with pinstrips instead of white like I'd paid for.

      I PMed them about it and they said that I could keep that hat and they would send me a new one, that was the colour I wanted originally. They said it must have been a mistake and she must have mixed up my order with another.

      I thought that was very generous of them to let me keep both instead of swapping them. After several PMs insuring me that the replacement was in the mail, almost 8 months later, still nothing and I didn't get any confirmation or tracking. I really don't even care any more, I'm selling the mess-up hat, so I'm not out any money, just letting people know about my experience.