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feedback for DOLKOT

Sep 23, 2007

    1. * What did you order?

      - I've ordered Dolkot Kiss , open eye, in NS tone

      * When did you order?

      - I've orderd him on 25th August 2007

      Because of their ' not yet finished ' website, full of major errors, I had problems with ordering . When I tried to finish my order by clicking 'checkout' in my online order form , Dolkot website suddenly collapsed ... I checked my internet connection and my computer - both of them worked correctly. So I thought - maybe it was an error that occurs on many websites , maybe the server was too busy or something ... I clicked 'refresh' on my internet browser - nothing happened ... there still was a message calling 'error' ... So I opened my email account in order to check if my order was ever complete and if Dolkot has sent me an order confirmation ... I was almost killed when I saw ... SEVEN orders ... really SEVEN DIFFERENT ORDERS ... each order has got its DIFFERENT order number ... like I was initiated and completed SEVEN separate orders !!! But true was - I was trying to complete ONLY ONE , THE SAME ORDER ! And I wansted ONE DOLL , not SEVEN !!! So what the hell happened ! If Dolkot website was OK, then after clicking ' refresh' the page will fix and will be able to be completed .. or in case of 'error' message again my order WILL NEVER BE COMPLETED ... so HOW COME seven different orders appeared in my email account ? I have initiated ONLY ONE ORDER !
      I mailed to Dolkot , telling them about those errors. They apologised and cancelled those six error orders ...

      * How was the communication /

      - first of all I have to mention that Dolkot opened their ENG website before they found a person who is able to communicate in english language ... I had an opportunity to ask this person some questions about doll ordering and shipping ... The replies for my questions were something UNABLE to read and understand for me ... I know that Korean people are not good ENG speakers but for God's sake ! An ENG website admin who can't speak a word in ENG and uses ENG online translator to reply for customers questions ? ... They should find an ENG true speaker FIRST, and THEN open their ENG website ... What is more , I was forced to mail / write on their Q/A board for THREE TIMES ... because after my two mails/ messages there was NO reply !!! After my two Q/A messages the Q/A board has disappeared suddenly ... interesting * irony * I know, I know, they have put their 'pop-up' window telling us ' our website is under update ' etc ... Isn't it better to WAIT for few months and to FINISH 100 % updating and fixing the website rather than make their customers having problems with doll ordering ? I also had an opportunity to mail to their second and current admin - her/ his nickname is Blue Moon. This person CAN speak ENG ... not a great speaker but the FIRST person whose replies are the ones that can be UNDERSTAND ... AT LAST ..

      * How easy was it to pay /

      It was easy - by paypal.

      BUT PLEASE NOTICE : Now Dolkot accept ONLY 'Paygate' payment option . I have no idea what is 'Paygate ' but if this is something connected with credit card payment, then I think it is extremely STUPID closing Paypal option and allowing only ' Paygate' or bank transfer option ... Not everyone can pay by bank transfer ( bank transfer = Your time consumed and those annoying fees ... 20 $ for Korea bank and additional $$ for Your bank ... )

      * How long did it take to ship?

      - extremely short time ... my Kiss was shipped in 4 days time after payment confirm ... I become suspicious that something must be wrong ... Doll companies usually don't ship their dols so quiclky ... I was right ... my suspects become the naked and sad truth about Dolkot dolls quality and their whole customer service ...

      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion /

      NO, IT WAS NOT !!!

      Dokot sent me a doll made of OLD YELLOW RESIN which was DISCONTINUED many MONTHS AGO !!! Do You remember Kiss Loon ? He was the first one made of their new, pale pink resin ... And from that day on, Dolkot claimed to produce dols made of this new pinky resin ONLY ... ( they told me that in email, because I asked them ... they DID NOT put this information on their notice board or wherever else .. I had to ASK them , and force them to reply me ... such an important information ... but for Dolkot it seems to be ' okay' not to inform their customers about resin color change ... ) so ... WHY my Kiss is the YELLOW one ? I wonder HOW LONG has he be lying in their storage rooms ... let's count ... First Loon was released in Jan 2007 ... so ... my Kiss can be 8 months and + old ... I sent Dolkot an email asking WHAT IS WRONG and why did they send me a doll made of this ugly yellow resin , and is my doll OLD ... Dolkot replied that this dol is 100 % new ... YEAH , I know it is new - no one has played with this doll , because all this time it was lying in their storage room ... I wanted the pinky doll ... and what I have ? An Yellow ugly thing !!!

      What is more .. my Kiss is DAMAGED ! He has got a BADLY CASTED CHEST ...
      ( this was already posted in 'Larger Dolls' but here is a part of the post including important informaton :

      I noticed that in his torso there are EXTREMELY THIN RESIN areas ... I estimate that in this areas, the resin is about ONLY 1 -2 mm ( milimeter ) thick while in other torso regions the resin seems to be about 5 mm ---> 1 cm and '+' thick ...
      for those ones who uses inches , here is the counter :
      1 inch = 2,54 cm
      1 cm = 10 mm

      These regions are THIS WAY THIN, that they behave like transparent , they allow the darkness of the inside of the doll ... in a result this thin resin areas SHINE LIKE DIRTY, LIKE BLACK ... For the first time, I thought that my Kiss is just dirty ... but he was NOT ... I looked inside his torso and I just died ... because I found the answer why he is 'dirty' ...
      This transparent resin 'stains' my doll forever, an it can be noticed in reality ... and such a thin resin ... IT CAN EASILY BE BROKEN !!!

      What is more, when I put a lamp or smaller light source on behind of the doll , those thin resin regions allow the light to shine through them - it is seen as more shiny regions of the doll body ...
      When I put the small light source ( I used torch / flashlight ) into his arms holes , the thin resin regions SHINE VERY LIGHT - like they are made from thin paper, not from resin ... this is an another proof of HOW THIN is the resin in certain areas of my Kiss body ....

      Here is the photo where I painted in RED these extremely thin resin regions :


      * Did the item look like the sales pictures ?

      OF COURSE NOT !!!

      On Dolkot website photos their dolls do NOT look as UGLY YELLOW as in reality or on owners' photos ... Just to prove this - here is the photo on which I showed You the DIFFERENCE between OLD YELLOW resin and new pale-pink resin ... Here is my Kiss Loon head on this damaged YELLOW Kiss open eye's body :
      Photo taken by me . These are REAL photos , no photomanipulation or colors change !!!


      * Were you satisfied with the product ?

      NO , I'm NOT ! This dolls are POORLY MADE , and they are NOT worth their price !!!

      This is not only my opinion, just look at 'Larger Dolls' section , many people started complaining about their Dokot girl dolls poorly casted knees, Dolkot Leaf ears problem etc.

      I hope that all of them can write here in this thread and also confirm this sad truth about Dolkot dolls quality and service :(

    2. * If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem ?

      I wrote an email to Dolkot and I've told then everything I wrote above . Dolkot told me that EVERYTHING IS OK and they see no problem in this doll colour ' because it is 100 % new' and 'they changed their NS resin color for three times' ... oh really ... I wanted the pink one, I was 100 % sure that I'm ordering PINK NORMAL SKIN !!! I haven't the foggiest idea that Dolkot STILL do send old, discontinued YELLOW DOLLS !!! Because now all of their new pictures , starting from Loon first pictures are new NS resin dolls ... what is more, those old yellow ones do not look as yellow as in reality ...
      Dolkot also claim that IT IS OK with this thin resin regions ... they told me that ' it is normal that our dolls have got some thin resin areas, because it is normal process of doll production ' OH REALLY ? 1-2 mm thick resin is NORMAL THING ??? From when ? In which company except Dolkot ?

      So if they claim that ' everything is OK' then I have no chance to force them to exchange this doll to good casted , pinky one . I don't want to fight in courts etc. My nerves are the more important thing. So my Kiss is staying with me , despite the fact that he is 'disabled'.

      I asked Dolkot if I can buy an additional boy torso made of this old yellow resin ... They replied that yes I can , but they don't know what exactly color I need ... Oh really ? They don't know what resin they have ? To make the matters worse , they sent me two blurred photos of the doll bodies , and they asked me if this is the yellow resin I want ... these photos were showing a different doll body ( it was not the Kiss body nor the Leaf body ... maybe this was the photo of their new MSD sized doll but ... I have doubts ... ) The resin colour shown on those photos WAS DEFINETLY PINKY not YELLOW !!! I didn't replied them ... if this is the yellow resin ... then ... I have no more words to say about Dolkot ... I won't buy an additinal torso ... more, I won't buy ANYTHING from Dolkot ! NEVER !

      They LIE, LIE, LIE ! For all the time ...

      Please notice another thing ... They released Loon as 'limited' ... but few months later they started selling Loon as normal , unlimited doll ... What is more, this unlimited version has NO DIFFERENCE comparing to this so-called 'limited' one ... What company does such stupid things ? If doll is 'limited' then it lasts as ' limited forever ' . I mean the certain mold only , not the ' full set limited edition' or something . The ones who were so worried about Loon limitation can now freely buy this mold without any limits ... :(

      I wanted to have Kiss twins ... made of this pinky new resin ... now I have one damaged and yellow one , and the floating head which would never have the same body as his brother , because I have no more trust in Dolkot dolls and I will buy a different company body for this Loon head ... I'm really annoyed and sad ... I waited for my Kiss for over 2 years ... and now my doll plans are destroyed ... because of this stupid behaviour of Dolkot :(
    3. hi dear

      i would say may be you can try dod new pink resin, but it is hard...... i got a kiss too, he is super yellow now.

      some one even told me he is make in china all the time. i am sad too.

      any way kiss still look nice in yellow, the more yellow he get the more ghot he is, looks like an antique doll.
    4. Please more feedback for Dolkot! Has anyone ordered recently???? I really love one of their sculpts, but I am too scared to order :(
    5. oh dear! yes, any more feedback? i feel the same way! i wanted to order from them...but now i'm not so sure!
    6. Same here. I like several of their sculpts but now i'm not sure... this kinda puts me off cos they aren't cheap at all.
    7. I have 1 WS Hara, 1 WS Kiss and 1 AS Bera from Dolkot and a 'limited' WS Loon body.

      None of my dolls have yellowed AT ALL. The oldest is the Loon body, which is about 14 months old now. However, none of my dolkot dolls are normal skin. The Albino skin is CHALK white, but is only 3 months old, so may yet yellow. I've found the girl body much better made than the boy bodies for thickness of resin; my girl is MUCH more solid and poses infinitely better. The worst parts I've found are the thin resin around the wrists and feet, which gets brittle over time, but if you are aware of it, it's not too hard to work around when restringing and the like. I DO NOT have a problem with the quality of my dolkot dolls; they are comparable to my other company dolls of the same value. They just cant be tossed around the room.

      Service is...interesting. They have always been very helpful, and fast to reply. However they have changed english reps since the english shop first opened, mostly because the original rep took complaints seriously and offered refunds, or store credit or what have you. Ive not seen any 'compensation' offers since she left.

      I've ordered a custom face up once, and was sent the default, and not even the default that closest matched my custom request; it was completely useless and had to be redone. Since then I have only used the make up request system, using the face ups they have available. They have not made a mistake using this system that I am aware of. I would never recommend a custom face up from dolkot as I dont believe they even understand what it is. The other system works just fine.

      My advice with dolkot is keep the order as simple as you can. You want BLAH doll in BLAH colour, with make up number BLAH. Don't hassle them about anything and make sure you have your address and other details right. If you keep it simple its impossible for them to screw it up...supposedly.

      They have switched from using dolkot carrier bags and dolls now appear to come with the cheaper manfrotto bags. I prefer this because the manfrotto bags are smaller, so the doll doesnt move around as much inside, but this might be an issue for some people. You can see what a manfrotto bag is on the dollsoom.com site if you want pictures.

      Thin resin has always been an aspect of dolkot. The bodies HAVE improved, immensely. The girl knees ARE square, just like souldoll double jointed knees. If you don't like it, don't order one. Personally, I love the posability so it doesn't bother me. If you're worried about the normal skin, order white; its very white but with a pink undertone and still gorgeous. If you prefer white skin, order albino...its stunning :P

      Dolkot are NOT perfect, but very few companies are at the moment.

      Edit: my most recent order from them arrived in January, just before they moved to China. It was an albino skin bera and its in flawless condition and exactly as requested bar one detail; I paid for a manicure AND a pedicure. The manicure is gorgeous, but they forgot the pedicure. Again...I made the order too complicated. Keep it SIMPLE. Also, I requested the small bust body, as I was changing it to a boy bod and its less sanding, but recieved the mature bust body with HUGE boobs. Gorgeous boobs but still not what I asked for. Again...a little too complicated for dolkot, but I'm not unhappy with what I got at all.
    8. I was curious if anyone had ordered/received any of Dolkot's Junior size dolls (more MSD size, I think) and if so what was the experience with them then? I am looking to *hopefully* get a Junior (Day, or Sun or something that is supposed to be their MSD sized Kiss) and was just wondering possibly what to expect with it.

      UPDATE: I had noticed recently that on the Dolkot webpage they have updated their Junior section to include the dolls they once had sold out, like Day. I was wondering if anyone has had any recent dealings with Dolkot, in 2009, especially with getting a Junior doll...as I'd still like to get one even now...but am afraid of their past. Does anyone know about them in 2009 they can tell me?
    9. thanks lethanon for the feedback! i'm a little worried about the thin resin issue...but i guess i'll have to deal with it, as that is the mold i fell in love with. *shrugs*
    10. It is good to hear that Dolkot have improved their dolls quality :)
      I regret , that I had to be this 'unlucky' one who has received a badly casted doll ... but life is life . I love my Fugio, despite he is yellow and ' disabled ' doll .

      For those ones who are curious about the Dolkot new NS ( pink ) resin yellowing :

      - this new resin gets yellow quite fast. My Kiss Loon head has yellowed after over a year ( 14 months ) . To make the matters worse his head has been stored in a thick and dark box, so the head was free from sunlight exposure ... Now his colour is very close to Volks pureskin NS / Domuya NS / CP real skin resin tone . :sweat

      I received the ' original ' Dolkot doll carrier bag and I have to tell that this bag is very well made and very useful :)
      It is a pity that now Dolkot offer only those ' Manfrotto ' bags :(
    11. I was really sad to see your experience with dolkot, Idemo. Usually its white skin people have issues with, but dolkot really does seem to have problems with the normal skin, and they dont appear to take responsibility for anything heh.

      But I have had nothing but good experiences with them, one either side of your order, so it does seem to have been a one of thing o.o a weird one off thing. *hugs* Im really happy you still love your boy.
    12. My Dolkot Day arrived today... I'm a little shocked hm, I've never had to contact a company about problems after I buy from them before so this is my first time ;;
      He is very yellow, even more yellow than my year old dolls o__o; Also there is a chip and small crack in his wrist, and I think it's weakening it...it looks like the crack will split if I touch it...

      The S-hook is rusty as well and the rust is spreading to the elastic...

      My boy is pretty disabled as well T__T; He can't stand very well and bucks all the time, but I'm really impressed with how well he can sit and pose his arms.

      I'm pretty sure he isn't new and has been sitting around a while at their warehouse...

      And he has no ears...I hear the Dolkot MSDs come with removable ears...but...aren't they meant to pack that with him? Or was I supposed to order them seperately...?

      I'm a bit confused and don't know what to think of this xD;;;

      Overall I'm a little scared of ordering from them again ;;
    13. What did you order?

      Dolkot MSD Yuna

      When did you order?

      Late February

      How was the communication?

      Good. ^^ My questions were usually answered within 48 hours or so.

      How easy was it to pay?

      Pretty easy. It kept rejecting the credit card I was using so I was like "WTF is up with this" until I realized it was the card, not dolkot.

      How long did it take to ship?

      About a month due to their move. Short compared to other wait times I've heard of, so I'm cool with it.

      Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?

      YES!!! Yuna's gorgeous. @_@ She poses fairly well (nothing compares to dollmore bodies, so I'm biased) and she photographs amazingly. When I looked at her first, she had such profound emotion in her face. Loooove her.

      Did the item look like the sales pictures?

      Relatively so, but I think she looks better. ^^

      Were you satisfied with the product?

      Indeed I was!

      If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?

      I'm sorry to hear about your guys' bad experiences. o____o Especially the yellow resin. There's no excuse to send out old dolls.
    14. wow! pretty extreme mixed reviews! can anyone else add anything?

      Naoki - i hope you wrote to them and let them know! i'd like to hear how they fix your problem. :(
    15. Sorry ~~MY doll had just arrived today~~ but I feel really sorry to tell you that: THEY DID NOT IMPROVE THEIR QUALITY OF DOLLS. I am really sad to see my child with such a body !!
    16. oh no! :o what was wrong with the body? did you get the white skin, or normal skin?
    17. Hm... seems that only dolkot boys have problems of yellowing and such. Could you guys tell us what model you got?

      Damn, i really wanted a dolkot... the sculpts are so pretty. But their prices are on top with the most expensive manufacturers and the quality doesn't seem make up for it.
    18. Hello, I emailed Dolkot and they were very helpful...I'm relieved they answer emails so quickly with good english.
      They offered to send me his missing ears they forgot to pack, and the broken arm piece replacement.

      The model I order was Dolkot Day.

      The MSD body is horrible and the torso joint is always popping out, his head also keeps tilting to the sides, but I'm assuming his elastic needs loosening so I'll work on that when his replacement piece arrives. His knee joints also lock strangely and don't bend unless his leg is -twisted- into position...it's kinda weird and so he doesn't go from standing to sitting pose very easily at all, maybe it's something I need to get used to handling.

      He didn't smell or look new when I first got him, theres also a grazed patch on the side of his temple, but his wig covers it.

      Overall, very yellow resin =_=;, I don't know why it is like this, I have a feeling it is yellow from age. It definetly isn't newly cast...
      Go with Dolkot if you're willing to take a gamble, and at least their customer service is good when you do have trouble x__X Good luck.

      They sent me a Dolkot bag with my MSD, postcards, eyes, wig.
      Despite his flaws, I really like his face sculpt...
    19. I am so happy to recieve my dreaming Doll KISS yesterday(April 12), and I

      like to order Ryu or Hara next time. The doll was ordered on March 22, and I

      recieved the doll within 3 weeks with good packing. However, when I look

      into it closely, I felt very disappointed and upset. His body is very yellow and

      ugly. I don't think I am the most unfortunatly one who ordered KISS from

      DK(some of other KISS were sufferring more).



      Below are some drawbacks of the doll:

      1.The right leg can not be joint well as the left one.


      2.The head has the big crack and the shape is ROUGH. There is some holes

      at the back of his head. Everytime I change his wig, I confused whether it

      worthes 550USD?????!!!! I only see these in a second-hand head.


      The side of the chest is THIN and ROUGH, I really wonder how they can

      make it like this???!!!!The blemish on the left ankle IS THE ONE THAT I


      Seeing this, they are really hurt me deeply! And I have the feeling that I was




      4. The body what is really make me upset, beside what I have mentioned , is

      the skin. Here is a comparison between my KISS and SD13, both of them are

      normal skin, why he seems so yellow??


      I don't think KISS is yellower than SD13, here is another picture for



      Though it was the old body, should new body be yellower than the old one????

      5. The body also so dirty and I am shame of exposing its body to my

      friends. It's oily and spotted. AND BOTH OF THEM CAN NOT BE

      SCRUBBED. And the body is full of scars!! How can you give such a body

      to my doll????



      Above are my disappointed points on the doll I have just recieved.
      I hope they can give me a reasonable solution. I don't want to have such a

      bad impression on my first doll and I hope you can understand how angry

      and depressed I am. I know DK have an office in China and just move there

      last month. My doll was sent from Guangdong Prov, China. But they should not take these as an excuse that their dolls are producted poorly and the quality is worse than before. Even though in China, other companies' body are better than the one I have got.

      Now I am waiting for their answer. Don't tell me that I was thick. Just because I love Kiss so much and he is my first doll. I am very cherish my love to him!!If someone says that I am the most unlucky one. I would say No, I am not. I am the luckier one within those whose Kiss are even suffer more recently!!
    20. Yes I have all those problems on my doll too, shirohannya! My doll has cracks in his wrist as well the same way and the resin quality is definetly old...

      My friends have convinced me to email Dolkot for a new cast and return the doll to them so I am waiting for a reply now ;;