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Feedback for Doll Family Wuhan agenc-easylk2(lee)

Jun 30, 2008

    1. Hello everone..
      This is Doll Family Wuhan agency.. I'm easylk2..
      I'm deeply appreciated for all of your support..
      and I hope all of the doll from DF can bring u lots of happiness..
      Here's my feedback thread..
      Please leave a feeback here if u had buy things from DF..
      Thank u always..
    2. I just received the 2 dolls from DF through easylk2. This was a wonderful transaction from start to finish. Even when the USPS shipped my package to the wrong city, easylk2 had tracked it and let me know. The customer service is as good or better than any I have received from other companies!!!
    3. I've received 4 dolls from Dollfamily through the offer she posted on DoA . They're worth the price and they arrived perfectly, and she contacted me almost at the same time I had received my package because she was tracking it and was concerned. That was an amazing detail. I only regret I missed the post where she offered a 15$ sofa with big purchases, I would have purchased one no doubt!

      I hope to make business with her again!!!!
    4. I purchased a doll from easylk2 and the service was wonderful. The doll is too cute and is very good quality. Communication was great too! Thanks again!
    5. I purchase both Pomelo and 75 cm elf Dawn from Doll Family. Pomelo is hysterical and adorable. She's an unusual size, but fits into msd clothes great (pants too long, though). She's very pose able, and quite a character!

      75 cm Dawn is FABULOUS! He is quite pose able, and a gorgeous body sculpt. His face is very male, but with a gentle, welcoming expression. He's a bit unpredictable for clothing, however, much Soom Mecha Angel fits including shoes, and some 70 cm clothing like Dollmore Model shirts. He's worth the struggle to dress because he's a great bjd!

      Both are very weighty bjd's, though there can be some roughness to the resin. For the excellent value of these dolls, it's waaaaay worth it to put in a little bit of sanding effort!
    6. Wonderful transaction!! I bought a Pomelo from easylk and it was all perfect!! : D

      Thank you a lot, easylk : )