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Feedback for Doll-Mage

Apr 12, 2006

    1. I want to endorse Doll-Mage as a very good seller. Our communication was very good and she allowed layaway. Because of her willingness to work with me, I was able to purchase the beautiful doll she was offering.

      Thanks again :)
    2. XD thanks!
      I'm glad you like the doll :3
    3. Yayy for quick, easy transaction for a pair of leather chokers... and very reasonable shipping speed :3 Two thumbs up!
    4. I bought a choker from Doll-Mage - it was well-made and shipped quickly :)
    5. I bought a lovely pair of bloomers from Doll-Mage - wonderful seamstress and seller!

    6. I bought the wonderful pattern book Doll Mage has created. The patterns are well done and the instructions are wonderful. It was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
    7. I bought my wonderful MD Leroi Snow from Doll-Mage. The transaction went through wonderfully and communication was excellent! She's wonderful to do business with. ^_^
    8. her book is wonderful. A -little- large for dollmore MSDs but easily fixed. :) Great Seller, although I have nothing nice to say about canada post =P.
    9. Doll Candy 1 is just fabulous and I had a great transaction buying it from Doll-Mage. Can't wait for volume 2!
    10. I have nothing nice to say about Canada post, either >.>
      ;_; but, alas, it is my only option.
    11. Doll-mage is lovely. The book is fabulous, especially for someone like me who has never done more than "make" bellbottoms. I can't wait for my doll to arrive so I can start making her clothes!
    12. Thanks Doll-mage!

      The pattern book looks great. When I get something made I will try to post a picture so more people will want the book.
    13. The pattern book arrived today!! It's awesome!!! Yuki cannot wait to start on making pretty outfits! Thanks so much for a very smooth and easy transaction!
    14. Doll-Mage did a superb job on my Illya. She looks herself only better.

      And the pattern book is well done too. :fangirl:
    15. I got one of Doll Mage's lovely pattern books.

    16. Doll Mage's pattern book is superb! She was a pleasure to talk to and our transaction was completed without a hitch! :)
    17. Excellent seller. Highly reccomend her book. Looked after a newbie customer very well. Thank you.
    18. Excellent to do business with! Doll-Mage ran a very small group order (just the two of us I think), was very professional and did a great job. I received my items very quickly! Thank youuuu
    19. I just wanted to stop by and add- Doll Candy 2 is even spiffier than #1! And Doll Mage was very helpful and understanding in helping me get my post office to actually deliver my book XD.
    20. I bought a DOC body from Doll-Mage, and it was wonderful! I got it very fast, and there was excellent communication throughout! She even included a nice free gift for one of my girls. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!