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feedback for dollecstasy

Dec 15, 2009

    1. :goldstar:goldstar:goldstarI am starting a feedback thread for dollecstasy. She bought my Souldoll Lily C and was a pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment, great communication. I would recommend her to anyone.
    2. I sold a wig to dollecstasy, she was very lovely to deal with and paid promptly, and notified me right away when the item arrived.
    3. I sold Ai-Petite-Uriel to dollecstasy. Overall the transaction was smooth and the payment quick.

      Thanks! ♥
    4. I sold a doll to dollecstasy and it was a very pleasant transaction. Fast payment, outstanding communication and very pleasant to converse with. Would not hesitate to do business again:)
    5. Raia bought a doll from me
      She is a SUPERB Buyer and lovely lovely person
      I HIGHLY recommend her ((hugs Raia))
    6. I have sold some Yo-SD clothes to Raia.
      She is a wonderful person to deal with! Fast payment and really nice communications.
      I highly recommend her!! Thanks so much for buying my items.
    7. dollecstasy bought an outfit from me and the whole process was very pleasant.
      Fast payment and great communication all the way through. Thank you very much for this flawless transaction! :XD:
    8. Dollecstasy bought a pair of shoes from me. The transaction was very smooth and her pms and payment were very prompt. I would like to do business with her again.
    9. Dollecstasy bought an outfit from me. Her payment was prompt and I had a smooth transaction with her. Thanks.
    10. I sold a pair of Yo size shoes to dollecstasy, and it was a very nice transaction. Excellent communication, she paid promptly as promise, and also promptly let me know when the shoes arrived. ^^
      Thank you so much for a lovely transaction! ;)
    11. I sold an outfit to dollecsasy. It was my first transaction on DOA, and it was a very very nice transaction. She paid promptly , and the communication was wonderful. Raia is a wonderful person , honest, and it was a great pleasure. :)
      Now, she's my friend :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      Thanks a lot Raia !!!! ;)

      Odette ^_^
    12. Sold and outfit to dollecstasy. Fast payment and was awesome to deal with. A++++ Thanks!
    13. Excellent transaction with dollecstasy who purchased an outfit from me. Fast shipping and good communication. A perfect buyer. Thank you!
    14. dollecstacy bought some Bambicrony wings from me... prompt payment and great communication - thanks!

    15. dollecstasy bought a couple of yosd outfits from me,she was a pleasure to deal with :)
      Great transaction thank you :sweat
    16. I sold a YoSD doll dress to dollecstasy and she was very nice and communative!
    17. Dollecstasy bought Hujoo Ted from me and was a pleasure to deal with. She paid immediately and was very pleasant in all correspondence.
      I would not hesitate to deal with her again.
      Thank you :)
    18. Dollecstasy purchased a YoSD outfit from me and she was an excellent & responsible buyer. Good communication, fast payment, and amazingly friendly. :daisy It was an absolute joy to sell to such a lovely & giving person. :) Highly recommended!
    19. dollecstasy special ordered some wool wigs from me. She was wonderful to work with & Good Communication.
      I would recommend her.
      Thank you Raia,
    20. Dollecstasy is a wonderful person to deal with. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime! She is genuinely nice, serious and trustworthy. I had no difficulties with her what so ever, she payed when she said she would, kept great communication throughout and informed me right away when the doll arrived.

      Thank you so much Raia, hope to bump into you again sometime! :)