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Feedback for Dolled Up Dandy

Jul 12, 2010

    1. For market transactions, please leave feedback here for other users.
    2. I bought a wig from Dolled Up Dandy and it was a wonderful transaction! Communication was great, the wig was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Lovely person to deal with! Highly recommended! :)
    3. I bought a wig from Dolled Up Dandy and it arrived in great condition and was mailed very quickly.
    4. I bought a pair of eyes from Dolled Up Dandy. Communication was good and she was very helpful and informative when I asked her a few questions. The eyes were shipped fast, too. Great transaction! Thanks a lot :)
    5. Dolled Up Dandy sold me a blank, basic Soom Yrie. She originally didn't want to split dolls unless she found a buyer for all the parts, but was kind enough to make an exception for me when my split partner backed out. :) Dolled up Dandy is a total doll! ;) It has been a pleasure doing business with her!
    6. I bought Dollmore body with layaway. Shipping took some time, for good reasons though so I understand the delay that happened. Item was shipped and packed as I wanted it.
    7. She ask me two times for information (First she would like buy, 2th she would like trade ) for my chesi. I answered quickly but in both she never mailed me back.