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Feedback for dollfiedreamer

Mar 3, 2010

    1. I've made some transactions recently so I've decided to start a feedback thread for myself. Please post your comments here. Thank you. :)
    2. dollfiedreamer bought some Fairyland eyes from me, was very polite in PMs, and paid extremely promptly! I definitely would do business again!
    3. Dollfiedreamer purchased a Minimee head from me. It was a wonderful transaction. She was very plesant, paid quickly and let me know when everything had arrived safe and sound. I'd definitely do business with her again!
    4. Dollfiedreamer bought a Cloud Strife head from me. Her communication is excellent, friendly, and paid promptly :D
      I will not hesitate to do business with her again and highly recommend her :)

      Thank you for adopting one of my kidz lol XD I hope you like him :D
    5. I sold a fur wig to dollfiedreamer and the transaction was perfect! Our communication was delightful, and she sent the payment very quickly and informed me the arrival. Thank you again! ^_^
    6. dollfiedreamer bought a pair of dollmore white sneakers from me. Payment was fast and communication was effective as well!
      Thank you for the lovely transaction! :)
    7. dollfiedreamer purchased a DIM Minimee Body from me in NS and it was a good transaction!
      She was very kind and patient with me :3
      I would sell to her again any day ^__^
    8. I sold one set of clothes to dollfiedreamer.She was a lovely and patient person to deal with. Communications were prompt and polite !Thank you a lot!!!^^
    9. I sold a pair of DS boots to Dollfiedreamer and she was super pleasant to deal with! Paid extremely quickly and all pm's were friendly! Definitely recommended! :)
    10. dollfiedreamer participated in my Soom GO and she was a pleasant participant.
      She was very communicative and paid her dues on time.
      I am very happy with my first transaction with her and would welcome her with open arms if she decides to join any of my future GOs again.
      Thank you so much!! :)
    11. DollfieDreamer took part in my twelfth Nine9 Style group order and was a joy to work with. :) Communication left nothing to be desired from her end and invoices were taken care of in a very prompt fashion. No complaints from me shall anyone see. :) Would love to transact with again in the future!!

      [♥[ Thank you for participating in one of my group orders!! ]♥]
      [♥[ I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! ]♥]​
    12. dollfiedreamer commissioned me to paint her MNM Cloud head and she was a gracious and wonderful customer! She was concise on what she wanted and provided wonderful reference photos and she was an all around joy to work for! Thank you so much for commissioning me!
    13. dollfiedreamer bought a set of clothes from me, this is the second time.^^She paid extremely promptly! All pm's were friendly! She is a good buyer.
      Thank you very much!
    14. dollfiedreamer participated in my Crobidoll GO back in May. ^ ^ Her invoices were paid promptly and her communication was very good. I recommend her to anyone.
    15. Sold a customised handmade furwig to dollfiedreamer. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    16. dollfiedreamer participated in my Leekeworld group order. Great communication and quick payments. Thank you again!
    17. dollfiedreamer was part of the Tata's GO I ran and she was wonderful! I'd love to have her in future GOs! Thanks for being part of the first GO I've ever run! <3
    18. This lovely person took part in my October 2011 Dollmore Go, everthing went very very well! Would recommend to anyone (So very sorry for the HUGE delay!)
    19. They bought a Volks SDGr Graffiti body from me, deposit and all payments made on time and actually sooner than planned. Great communication i would not hesitate to sell to them anytime :)
    20. Sold a shirt to dollfiedreamer. Really pleasant buyer, and she also gives fast replies. I definitely won't mind doing transactions with her again! Thanks, dollfiedreamer!