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Feedback for DollieComplex :)

Feb 12, 2009

    1. I sold my Tan AOD Fei To DollieComplex, and she was an absolute delight to deal with - paid right away and let me know when she had received.
    2. Purchased a teddy pj set from me. Excellent communication, fast shipping, super friendly buyer, and let me know the moment she received it! Great new buyer! Thanks so much! ^__^ :aheartbea
    3. I sold my Cherry Classic set to her, money was sent and she was good to reply to pms. Pleasure to deal with.
    4. I sold a bunch of clothes to DollieComplex. She was great to deal with, perfect transaction! ^_^
    5. I sold DollieComplexsome F2BM items. She was very pleasant and communicative. Payment was sent very quickly. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks! :)
    6. I've sold a (damaged) DZ tanned Hid Head to DollieComplex. She paid very quickly and communication was great. And despite some issues with the post offices, she let me know right away when the parcel arrived.

      Great doing business with you! :)
    7. DollieComplex bought some clothes from me. Everything went smooth. Great buyer!
    8. DollieComplex bought an Unoa Sist kit from me recently. She was a pleasure to deal with -I was delighted by her decisiveness, prompt payment, and great communication made for a very smooth transaction. It was like 1, 2, 3: "do you still have her? I want her. Yes? Okay! *pays*" and then waited patiently for me to ship! :D I wish they were all like that! ^o^
    9. DollieComplex brought anotherspace coat from me, a pleasure to deal with, fast payment and she told me the moment she recived the package.
    10. DollieComplex bought a couple of MSD hoodies from me. She was very polite and paid quickly. She told me right away when she recieved them! Communication was awesome. Great buyer :) :)
    11. DC bought a handmade dress from me. She paid promptly and was super nice. Communication was excellent.
    12. DollieComplex bought a DoC Too boy from me. I was prepared for a layaway, but it really didn't go that way. She paid extra fast for the remainder, so much so that it made my head spin *_* hehe... Great person to do business with. Very friendly and communicative! Hope he enjoys his new home frolicking with other MSDs! :aheartbea
    13. DollieComplex purchased a slim mini Cheerydoll outfit from me. She was easy to communicate with and a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely do business with her again.

    14. DollieComplex bought me a DZ Floy.
      Wonderful to work with ^__^! , communication was great, very friendly, payment was prompt and an over all smooth transaction.
      Thanks a lot for give him a home! <3

      + + +
    15. DollieComplex bought my tan DZ boy body. She was wonderful to work with and let me know right away when her body got home! Great seller. <33<33
    16. DollieComplex purchased a set of glastic eyes from me. Polite individual and nice to work with. Sent payment promptly.
      Thank you,
    17. DollieComplex bought a couple pairs of eyes. Prompt payment, clear communication. Pleasure.
    18. Sold DollieComplex a couple of things. She was great with communication and payment. I would definitely do business with again, thank you so much!
    19. DollieComplex bought a pair of jointed hands from me. nice communication^^
      Thanks very much!