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Aug 24, 2019

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    2. DollieLovex3 purchased a Luts SDF Loid from me and the transaction went smoothly. DollieLovex3 was very friendly, communicative, direct, and clear with their concerns and requests of me throughout the process. Payment was fast and I was notified when the doll arrived safely. A very positive experience, I wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Thank you so much!
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    3. @DollieLovex3 commissioned me to do a complete spa day for her Luts Delf Loid. I did a faceup, body blushing, tattoo, manicure and pedicure ! She paid promptly and was very friendly and patient ! I would love to work with her again in the future!
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    4. I sold Myou Carol to @DollieLovex3. This was a perfect transaction! She paid quickly, and friendly communication. I highly recommend. I real pleasure to meet. :) Thank you!
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    5. @DollieLovex3 was an absolute dream. She purchased Luts Zuzudelf Bichon with a short layaway from me and it was a wonderful selling experience. Communication was very easy and payment went very smoothly. I would be more than happy to do business with her again!
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    6. DollieLovex3 was a kind enthusiast buyer. Her love for the doll she purchased from me made me so happy for that doll, her and me...
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    7. I sold an Alice in Labyrinth Daryl to @DollieLovex3 . It was an excellent transaction. They were quick with communication and payment. Would definitely do business with again. Thank you!!
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    8. I purchased a beautiful yosd Myou: Carol from @DollieLovex3 . It was an excellent transaction. I particularly appreciated the extra care to her packaging! We had great communication, and I would buy from her again, anytime. Also, @DollieLovex3 left feedback for me as soon as Carol shipped; She didn't wait until I received the doll to see if I was pleased. It's rare few people who do that. Thank you very much!
    9. I purchased a Zuzu Delf Bichon from @DollieLovex3- and the transaction was excellent! The communication was amazing and she is extremely friendly. She also packages with care (and so cute!), on top of being very fast with shipping. I truly appreciate how kind she is, and would do business with her again, as well as encourage others to do so. <3
    10. I purchased a Luts body from DollieLove and it was a perfect transaction. Because I'm located in Canada, I was able to negotiate an alternative shipping so DollieLove was able to send the body without worry. Everything shipped quickly and arrived as described. Highly recommend, 10/10