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Feedback for dollist

Nov 10, 2007

    1. Please feel free to leave feedback about my dolls or any other transactions! I'd love to hear from you! :)
    2. I bought a 60cm Ain from Dollist and he's gorgeous! :aheartbea
      The communication was great, also the price and shipping was fast (to Mexico). She's very kind and even send to me a free extra pair of eyes, a pillow and trunks for my Ain ^___^ Thanks Dollist!
    3. I bought a 60cm Ain from Dollist and he's wonderful, quick shipping, packaged well, lots of extras, thanks so much.
    4. I've just bought, and received, my Keid. He's ever so beautiful. His resin is wonderful. Not all pitted and full of tiny holes like some others who make their own resin dolls. His is so very smooth and wonderful. And his face! Wowsiers ^_~ He's a knock out. His exotic eyes and completely wonderful mouth.........*drool*.... LOL And her face-up that she did on him is gorgeous. He has the softest look ever *sigh* He came packaged in a totally neat sack thingy. LOL He was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, then slipped into this white pillowcase type bag made for him, then he was placed on a firm stock board and bubble wrapped again to keep him straight and secure. So when he arrived, he was all safe and sound. All 20 digits in place.

      And as for "Dollist" herself? She's completely wonderful. She was never out of contact with me. I always felt that I could reach her if there was ever something I wanted to ask. And at times I did. And she was always very prompt to respond. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely *^___^*

      You can't do wrong with getting one of her guys, or in choosing her to do business with
    5. Excellent communication, questions regarding the dolls were answered promptly.
      Dollist even gave me an expected arrival date before I asked and answered the odd unrelated questions I had after I played with him awhile.
      I had reservations about buying a doll from someone that wasn't an established company but Eva dispelled all of them.
      I adore my Keid.:fangirl:
    6. Bought a Keid from Dollist/Lumedoll. Fast turn around, great communication. My doll was really packed well!!! THank you!

      I would buy from her again!
    7. Aiiin~is~ Miiii~iiine!!!! I purchased an Ain from Dollist and used layaway. She was sweet, well- communicated, and a joy to work with. She even offered to switch bodies for me when she finished sculpting a new one!! :o And Ain is absolutely wonderful! Poses like a dream, and he was vewry securely packed! Not only is Dollist is a wonderful person to work with, she is the creator of an amazing product!!!

    8. Bought a blue Fundago Mouse from Eva (Dollist). He is so cute and she shipped him very fast! Thanks :aheartbea
    9. I bought a brightskin Keid from Eva and I can highly recommend her dolls! They are well-made, beautifully sculpted and pose very well:). Eva stays in contact and Keid was well-packed and safely shipped. Thanks again, Eva!
    10. I purchased a mouse! He's adorable. ^__^ And she got him here as fast as fast can be. I love him, Thank you so much Eva! I can't wait to finish saving up for one of your boys now. ^__^
    11. Bought some wonderful eyeco eyes, and they arrived swiftly, were packaged excellently, and she's polite and very friendly! :) Thanks! :dance
      Will definitely buy from again!
    12. Lucky me, I got to deal with Dollist again *^__^* I brought home another of her lovely boys and I'm still Very Very happy. Her lovelies never cease to amaze me and neither does she. She's always so pleasant to talk to in her PM's.

      Anyway, I just wanted to chime in......again....lol with my 2-cents worth to say she's wonderful and her boys just keep getting better. Keep up the lovely work ^___^
    13. Fabulous artist! My Saiph is just beautiful and Eva included a wig and a pair of perfect eyes for him. We are so pleased to have such an expressive elf in our family!

      Thank you so very much Eva!:fangirl:
    14. I bought a modded Keid head from Dollist. She shipped him out right away, and he's gorgeous. ^__^
      I will definitely be buying from her again (the poor boy will be needing a body, after all :XD:)
    15. I bought a Saiph fra Dollist. He arrived fast and well packed. He poses very well and is very pretty! I am happy! ^^ Thank you!
    16. I bought my first Lume Doll from Dollist and he is wonderful as is she. She was sweet, patient and did a fantastic job on my NS Izar who is being named Syaoran. I am thrilled from his detailed hands and body, to his wonderful face. She is a great artist and I am so happy with him, her hard work and talent and I also love her earth friendly packaging. Will be adding more of these dolls in future.
    17. I sold clothing to Eva and she paid instantly. It was a pleasure to deal with you! Thanks :)
    18. Just got my second Lume doll Bellatrix and she is a beauty! Well packed came with beautiful blue yes and a wonderful wig and she was so well done I am speechless. I love my Sakura!
    19. Pic of my happy reunited couple
    20. I got an Io Moon from Dollist and I love this doll. Everything Dollist makes is perfection. I want to save for a Bellatrix so much now! Thanks Dollist for your wonderful work! I hope to get more from you soon. :)