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feedback for dollsnbeans

Jul 23, 2006

    1. i should have posted this like a month ago when i got my doll but i've been really lazy and the whole thing just ticked me off.

      i purchased A jade doll on ebay from a seller called dollsnbeans who sells a lot of dolls there. Her real name i believe is Karen werth and she lives in Cali. Anywho, i had a HORRIBLE transaction with her. She waited for my money to clear and then sent the doll. i received the email with the tracking # and it seemed like everything was going great. So i get the doll several days later and i open it. It had the original packaging from angelregion the only problem, other than the foot falling off as soon as i moved it, was that this Jade doll was a GIRL. Jade is never really supposed to be a girl as that doll is called Mano but regardless it said BOY in the description. so i emailed the seller and she said to send it back and she would pay the shipping back. She sent me a second doll and i wouldn't have minded all the trouble if apon opening the box this doll had not also been a GIRL. Both of these dolls were odd in that they had the boy face up, boy outfit, but girl body. I believe they may have come that way from angelregion, but after the 1st problem she should have checked the box before sending it or something. I have also not recieved said refund on return shipping and seller did not respond to any of my emails after the 1st mistake. Needless to say i was not happy. Also, the face up of the doll i currently have has already started to come off.