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Feedback for dollsoflace

Jun 11, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback here. Thank you.
    2. I'm proud to be the first to leave feedback for Dollsoflace. I've bought and sold to a metric tonne of people here on DOA and also on eBay, but never to anyone kinder, more charming or with more integrity than this member.

      She bought a wig from me. Not an expensive or new wig, but rather a ten buck hank of hair. And yet she treated the transaction with all the care and good manners of someone buying a thousand dollar doll.

      She was concerned about her lack of feedback here, which was remarkable in someone buying. Selling, yes. I could see how she might worry just a little. We all start out with no feedback but oftentimes we forget this. Her worry was proof to me of a really sterling character and I wasn't wrong.

      Dollsoflace paid right away and let me know as soon as the wig arrived. She left feedback promptly. You can work with members who have pages and pages of feedback and not find anyone so responsible and polite.

      A ten thumbs up for Dollsoflace :sumomo:
    3. What a wonderful transaction!!! She is a delight to work with. VERY kind and considerate. She bought a wig from me and even let me know it had arrived and she is delighted. A asset to DOA!!!!
    4. bought a few MSD clothing items from me. Wonderful communication and quick payment a pleasure to deal with thank you again.
    5. I've had the pleasure to of been able to paint a face up for dollsoflace ^ ^ She is very kind, and keeps up with communication very well; She also sends payments when she says she plans to~ Thank you for choosing to commission me, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future~ dollsoflace is highly recommended! ^u^ !!
    6. I did a trade with her with my Jina for her Supia and it was a delightful transaction. I am glad he will go to someone who will love and spoil him more than I ever could!
    7. dollsoflace purchased a SD hoodie from me- and I couldn't have asked for a sweeter person to do business with! Thank you so much^^
    8. dollsoflace purchased a short blond wig from me and overall it was a wonderful transaction! Prompt, polite, and smooth communication from start to finish. I would definitely recommend as a buyer and would not hesitate to do business with again! Thank you so much! ♥
    9. I sold a Magic Time body to dollsoflace. Communication was excellent from start to finish, even letting me know when the body arrived. Payment was also prompt, which I really appreciate.

      Overall we had a wonderful transaction, and I would certainly sell to/buy from dollsoflace again. Thanks!
    10. dollsoflace bought a pair of loongsoul hands from me. transaction went very smoothly. payment was fast and they let me know as soon as the hands arrived! thanks so much! would definitely do business with them again.
    11. Positive feedback for dollsoflace. I purchased a Spiritdoll Smart body from them and the transaction was perfect. Great communication, quick shipment, and an amazing packaging job. Thank you so much!
    12. Excellent transaction! dollsoflace bought Supia Hauyl head from me, she paid quickly and we had a good communication.
      Thank you very much for buying, enjoy! :)
    13. I recently bought a minifee from dollsoflace and it was one of the smoothest second hand transactions I've had! She provided me with excellent information about the doll and made it super easy. I did a layaway and when I finished it earlier the last month she was able to ship it to me within days. I would definitely buy from her again! :)
    14. Dollsoflace adopted an F33 from me. They were wonderful to work with- from sending payment quickly to communicating promptly when the doll arrived! I’d happily do business with them again!
    15. I was lucky enough to buy a DZ body from DollsofLace recently and it was a perfect transaction. Very easy to talk to, answers promptly and is very helpful. I will definitely work with her again. The package arrived safely and very well packed up, body is perfect as described.