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Feedback for dollyb

Mar 4, 2011

    1. Hi, just wanted to start my feedback thread. Hopefully it turns out to have lots of good feedback!
    2. Whoops, sorry... searched you and got nothing, I'll leave it here :sweat Had a great transaction w/ dollyb, fast payment and kept in-touch, I highly recommend this buyer, thanks! =^_^=
    3. awesome buyer~ i sold my RS Ya body to dollyb, nice to communicate with and fast payment!! thanks~!
    4. Just sold a MNF resin neck donut. She paid as promised and was happy to help her get the part she needed.
    5. Bought a BBB Espree from DollyB :) She responded very quickly, shipped quickly, and the doll arrived safely and without incident. Lovely to work with, and I'd definitely buy from her again.
    6. dollyb has commissioned me a face-up for her MNF.
      She was very easy to work with, very communicative and prompt with payment.
      She was very patient and understanding while I was working on her doll.
      Great to do business with! Thank you so much!
    7. dollyb bought a pair of MNF hands from me. It was a lovely transaction as she was friendly and polite throughout our communication and payment was swift. Also let me know as soon as she received the package! A recommended buyer, thanks again!
    8. dollyb bought some acrylic eyes from me and was a amazing to deal with. Fast payment and they let me know when the eyes arrived.

      I would gladly do business with dollyb anytime~!
    9. Dollyb participated in a Minifee split that I've hosted, communications were perfect and she transferred the funds really quickly! Also informing me when the head had reached her. I'll gladly recommend her to any potential buyers/sellers and I would love to do business with her again!
      Thank youDollyb​!
    10. Bought a Resinsoul body from Dollyb. ^^
      Shipping was delayed a couple times, but she was very apologetic and left some free gifts (clothes) in the package. Items were secured very well!!
    11. dollyb commissioned me for a faceup. She was always on top communication wise, good with payments, and let me know as soon as her boy got back home, as well as showed me a picture!
      I definitely recommend dollyb. :)
    12. I bought from dollyb a pair of Fairyland Mnf #4 NS hands. And shipping was perfect and the hands were great for my hybrid girl! I would gladly buy from them again! Thanks~
    13. dollyb was in my MSD swap!

      she made a wonderful gift for her partner and let me know right away when she recieved hers! A+ swapper and thank you so much for helping to make my swap a success!
    14. Dollyb bought a DZ Christmas Baby from me recently, and was such a sweetheart through the whole transaction!
      Was 100% on top off communication, even when I wasn't ^^;
      Super loved having her onboard and would highly recommend!