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Feedback for Dollyface

Mar 9, 2007

    1. If you have had a transaction with me, I would really appreciate it if you would please leave me some feedback as to how you felt it went.

      Thank you!

    2. People I Sold To:
      nakitama, Starla, ^EvilAngel^ , Haya, Layka, RenHikaru, KittiePink, Krambear, evildolly, the_impassive, Zais, J-Queen Sakura, Luckystar, edible_cookie, Gelfling, Buff, Seasons Final Colours, hobbywhelmed, Demon Angelina, Echo, Silvia, Wolfie Pie, Jollarocknrolla, Yunabug, hobbywhelmed, Bloodyrose82, skumring, kikkifiji, shysuiko, EcchoKat, sagejupiter, Songblade, x a [Beautiful] lie x, Funnylori, Mich, hiritai and Linderhes.

      People I Bought From:
      ptwinny, CL, ikomitsu, lunar marsh, Amy, aya22, Grace, nancy60304, arekin, Bloodberry, Sae, clayfaery, juumou, Stella di Carta, Sabrina, fishmemory, Kiyono, rkold, Octune, Gloria, Seasons Final Colours, strow, piccadilly, Ashemanu, Ladyrixx, SuzyStretch, Valentine, Nakitama, Purplekaren, Sefie, Mortelle, SailorLimaBean, Juubei, Kirane, Shin, coleva, Miyu, Angie2Insana, sintex, temporallelement, hello_sunshine, scube, blackpaperbag and SKYWHYS and twice from blackeyeliner, Lyssa and ravendolls.

      Group Orders I Was In
      Dollmore & Luts by mel-mel-chan, Another Space by psycho_bunnie, Volks by JaDE_rUst, Leeke World by The Beautiful Doll, Parabox by pegapup, Iplehouse by Juubei, Luts by rikugou, Bambicrony by FunnyLori, Leeke World by Ai Kazi and Volks by SailorLimaBean.

      I am currently in a Sadol group order run by Bamna and a Dollmore group order run by Quilibet and little_robin87.

      Feedback I Have Elsewhere
      My eBay and iOffer ID is Choopchick and you can see my feedback there.
      I have a Paypal Business account and have sold other things on the net.
    3. Sold a head to Dollface , very good buyer ^^
    4. I bought a CP BW Harang head from Dollyface, and she was incredible to deal with! Excellent communication, very nice and friendly, and a very caring seller! I am very pleased, and would recommend everyone to deal with her ^^.
    5. Dollyface responded to my WTB thread. The geta shoes came extremely well packaged and fit my boy perfectly. Overall, very pleasant dealings. :) Thank you!
    6. Dollyface bought eyelashes from me and paid fast. Very honest buyer.
    7. she bought my Iplehouse body i had for sale. she's fast to pay, keeps in touch very well, and was a pleasure to do dolly business with ^_^
    8. Thank you Dollyface!!! I bought a pair of eyes to her and all is perfect! ^_^ Thanks so much! Very friendly girl!!! ;)
    9. Dollyface is a very good buyer:) She paid very fast and she's a very nice and friendly person :D
    10. Bought a Misty Blue Roko from Dollyface! She gave good communication, was very kind and understanding!

      The doll came in perfect condition with all that was promised and she's even gone out of her way to contact Bambicrony to send extra hands since they forgot to send them to her ^^;

      Thanks Dollyface! It was a pleasure doing business with you, I love my new baby! XD
    11. I buy a head from Dollyface, and arrive today ^^, she send me in the same day i pay ^^, and in ems and with insurace too. Is a good seller, and easy to made bussines with. ^^

      The head arrives perfect, in a lot of buble paper ( i don't know if this is correct name) and whith a headmask and a wig ^^. Totally perfect. The makeup was splendid¡¡
    12. Dollyface is very responsible - keeps in touch and pays very quickly! Thanks again!
    13. I got a pair of Yo-Tenshi 01 White Wings from Dollyface, and they arrived SO swiftly, and so well packaged!! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Dollyface was incredibly nice, pleasent, and understanding. :') Dollyface is an all around wonderful person. ^_^ Thank you so VERY much!! ^_^!!!!!!!!!!
    14. I bought a pair of eyes from Dollyface. They arrived quickly and very well packed. Thank you so much! ♥
    15. dollyface participated in my dollmore group order. quick payment and good communication. ^_^
    16. I just sold a wig to Dollyface. She's a great buyer! Thanks so much!
    17. Dollyface is a perfect buyer!:)), quick payment and we had a very good correspondence.:))
      Thanks again!!:))
    18. I bought a 78cm doll carrier from her. It just arrived a bit ago and I'm amazed and pleased at how fast it arrived. Very nice person to deal with. Highly recommended! :)
    19. I bought some gorgeous eyes from Dollyface - they were packaged beautifully and shipped very quickly. Very happy with this transaction, thanks!
    20. I sold a T-shirt to Dollyface and received the payment in no time. Also a very nice person to deal with. Excellent buyer!