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Feedback for Dollyholic/Dollfair

Sep 1, 2006

    1. I had a great transaction with Catrina/Dollyholic and DollFair. I bougth my first Narae and she is just wonderful. Catrina was patient with me through all my worries and questions, and my doll once finished {that was the long wait;) } arrived in 24hrs from leaving Seoul and catrina kept me up to date about the progress of her "birth".

      thanks so much!!!!
    2. Yeah I agree!!!

      Catrina and Dollfair rock!!!

      I have had two N- Dolls and two Naraes from her and am waiting for my LE 1 Warrior!!!

      She has been wonderful in all the transactions and in the last has taken EXCEPTIONAL care in how my new girl is shipped.

      You could not ask for a more helpful lady.

      Keep on rockin' Catrina - you have another fan here :fangirl: :D
    3. well.. better late than never : i just want post and say that dollyholic and the rest of her gang a pleasure to deal with both as persons and as businesspersons.:) :D :fangirl:
      they greatly help me get one of my dream dolls , limhwa toyou, on their first order last march and accomodated my payment necessities despite the fact that their alloted number of dolls was selling out quickly.
      thank you for being flexible and understanding, you were a joy to work with.

      i so need to do more business with you:doh (especially with all the other limhwas , supias, and narindolls on my dream list)
      my apologies for having taken such an obscene amout of time in getting around to giving you your just praise.

    4. I will leave feedback too for Catrina,because she was so nice answering all my silly emails about custom fees,bank transfer and so on ;) Thanks so much Catrina for helping me out!!
    5. I bought a limhwa half-elf from Dollfair and i'm delighted with my purchase.
      Joan and Catrina gave me WOW service, answering my questions promptly and keeping me updated on the delivery.

      thanks Joan and Catrina!