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Feedback for DollZwize

Sep 14, 2009

    1. Please find all feedback in this thread - ThanX!:fangirl:
    2. DollZwize bought my Puki Sugar faceplates. Her payments were fast and she made my first sale a great success. I would sell or buy from this user again ^ ^
      I'm so happy that she got a great home!
    3. DollZwize bought a Cupid multihead + wig from me. An absolute delight to work with - wonderful communication, prompt payment, and fun to work with. Would definitely recommend to others - I wish every transaction was as easy (and fun!) as this one! Thanks much! <3
    4. +++POSITIVE+++
      Bought a puki body from me. The transaction went very smooth. Payment was prompt and communication excellent. Would gladly transact with again :)
    5. Fantastic buyer alert!:D DollZwize inquired about a doll I was selling and within minutes of my responding to her with my acceptance of her offer and giving her my paypal info, she had sent her payment! She was an absolute sweetheart to deal with, I would delightedly buy from her or sell to her again:D Thank you for such a smooth and pleasant transaction!
    6. DollZwize brought a Jaimedoll elf from me. She was a fantastic buyer, paid very fast and was such a friendly, pleasant person to deal with. I would highly recommend her and would be delighted to deal with her again! Thank you!
    7. DollZwize had me make her a baseball cap. She was fun to work with a sent payment with super speed. Looking forward to seeing your little guy in the hat !

    8. DollZwize bought my Pukifee Ante and was an absolutel pleasure to work with. She paid immediately and her communication was excellent. Thank you so much for helping me make my dolly dream come true!!!!

      I highly recommend DollZwize as a buyer!!!!!

      (Thank you for postin the photo, too! I love to see dolls in their new home!)
    9. DollZwize bought a normal skin Multihead Ante head from me. She corresponded quickly and paid quickly. She was an excellent buyer.
    10. I sold DollZwise a doll and she is a wonderful buyer to work with! She kept very good communication and was always very nice to talk to!

      She let me know when the doll arrived and even included a photo to let me know how the doll was getting on ^^
    11. I sold a Tinybear mermina mermaid with a human body DollZwise. It was a WONDERFUL transaction from beginning to end (great communication, fast payment fun to talk to). I LOVE what she did with the dolls! You don't often get to know what happens when they arrive at a new home and she sent pics!!! Just made my heart melt! You sure can tell she cares about her dolls and I love that!!!! So creative and clever and fun! A pure pleasure!!!! Thanks!!!!
    12. I sold a doll to dollzwise and she was great to deal with! She was very friendly and paid quickly! thanks so much!
    13. Dollwize is a perfect buyer. Payment came quickly and she was very understanding of any circumstances on my side. She even let me know when the doll arrived (quickly, thank goodness). This is definitely the kind of buyer we're all looking for!
    14. ++++++++++
      I sold a "kini" to Dolzwize. SHe was prompt and communicative. I would definately deal with her again in the future!
    15. DollZwize joined my FairyLand GO n__n Her communication and payments were fast, she alerted me once her package arrived, and was overall a very patient and helpful participant. Our transaction was pleasant and I'd love to work with her again! ^__^ Thanks so much!! <3
    16. DollZwize is great to deal with! She bought a doll from me and besides the fact it was a super transaction, I'm happy the doll will join a fantastic group of tinies.
    17. DollZwize bought some MNF mag hands from me and everything went wonderfully! I would buy from OR sell to her again anytime!
    18. DollZwize bought a minifee chloe head from me. Payment was super fast and all communication was pleasant and drama-free. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from or sell to. :) Thanks for a great transaction!
    19. DollZwize bought a fullset MiniFee Chloe from me. Super prompt payment, excellent communication and a very sweet person to do business with. I would gladly do business with her again!
    20. DollZwize purchased a ChocoPuki Pipi from me, and everything went super smoothly! :) She paid quickly, and let me know that Pipi arrived safe and sound. :) Thanks!