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Feedback for Domino_party

Sep 30, 2010

    1. If I've bought from or sold to you, please post feedback here ^.^

      Ebay feedback
      #1 domino_party, Sep 30, 2010
      Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
    2. Domino_party bought a doll head from me and she was wonderful to deal with. Very polite and quick to respond to messages, paid very quick and even let me know when her package arrived! I would sell to her again and thank you for a great transaction. Great Buyer ;)
    3. Had a great transaction with domino_party! She ordered two fur wigs from me, was quick and friendly with payment and communication, and let me know when the wigs arrived safely, as requested! I'd definitely do business with her again. Thanks! ^_^
    4. Domino_party bought a head from me, she paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived. Thank you!
    5. Domino_party sold me her Ling Feng and he is now home, together and a great doll! She packaged him so cutely and kept up even after the sale! I highly recommend her and thank you!