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Feb 7, 2020

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    2. I had a great transaction with donna_de_luna
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    3. I sold a Sard head to donna_de_luna .The transaction went smooth,and communication was also very friendly and fast. I'd recommend this buyer to any seller here on DoA to deal with =))
      Thank you!
    4. Buyer donna_de_luna posted a WTB for IOS 60 WS body, I DMed her about the listing, she backed out the first time because of the damage I stated of his finger, which I understood and left the conversation at that. Buyer then came back saying she would like to buy the body again after learning IOS replaces boken parts for sale. She asked for information on the body, and I plainly offered all the information stating the year (2014) it was made and it’s state (the broken finger) and that the possibility the new resin of the hands if purchased through the site would differ slightly. Still she followed through the layway of sending the first payment (of 3) and even emailed IOS about opening a personal link to purchase the hands for her and asked for the money to purchase them for her. Of which then she backed out of the layaway and changing her mind and then stating that she would count the first payment as a loss to her and it would not need to be refunded and accepted any negative reviews if we left it amicably.

      I agreed, and was sad she broke the deal but wished her well and hoped she found what she was looking for but informed her that yes the payment was none-refundable and unfortunately I would have to leave a neutral feedback.

      but next day after receiving my message that yes the payments are non refundable, made a false claim on my PayPal of product not shipped after purchase made, to have her first payment refunded. When the full amount hadn’t been made to me.

      Personally would not sell or buy from this person.
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    5. Donna_de_luna bought a head from me : everything went fine, she honored her layaway very fast and PM me immediately after she got the head. I recommend thi buyer, thanks ! :)
    6. Neutral Feedback
      Flaky Buyer

      donna_de_luna set up a layaway plan for my Switch Ajeong Closer Ver. head and sent a down payment of $80 (which was explicitly stated as non-refundable in the sales thread). A little more than a week later, she went back on the deal and politely asked for her initial payment to be returned, citing extenuating circumstances. I probably shouldn’t have, but since it was Chinese/Lunar New Year that day, and I felt badly about keeping the money, I sent a refund anyway.

      The neutral feedback is for this user’s flaky behavior: agreeing to purchase, sending the first installment of layaway, and then backing out from the sale entirely, not to mention asking for a refund when my layaway payments were stated as non-refundable. I understand that real life happens, but sellers often make layaway payments non-refundable and may not be so accommodating as me.

      Based on my experience, I cannot recommend this buyer for layaway sales. I will be adding a “buyer must have good feedback” requirement in my sales to start layaway. Thanks.
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    7. Donna_de_luna bought a head from me.
      After she agreed to layaway, she kept her promise. And she send PM me immediately after she got the head. Her deal with her was smooth, and I'm happy with it. Thanks!
    8. I purchased a KanaDoll Eden head from them. The process was very easy, and they had excellent communication. The item arrived within a week despite it coming from Russia to the US. I would highly recommend them! Thank you!
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