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Feedback for Dorei

Feb 25, 2009

    1. Dorei purchased a Dollmore Torrie from me and it was a wonderful experience. She was very sweet, clear to communicate with, paid her payments as agreed upon in our layaway plan, and a joy to talk to. I would sell to her again anytime ^_^ :aheartbea
    2. Dorei bought a LeekeWorld D-type Joy head from me.
      Communication was smooth and payment is swift. Recommended buyer.

      Thank you. ^^
    3. Dorei commissioned me for a couple of tiny dresses: excellent communication and prompt payment, and she let me know when they arrived. Thanks so much!
    4. Dorei joined my Dollmore group order and was absolutely a dream to deal with. She was very understanding through the issues and kept great communication. Paid on time! Definitely has my vote of confidence!
    5. Dorei participated in the Luts group order that I ran.
      I am very pleased to have had them in my GO.
      Dorei was very patient with the whole situation.

      Thank you very much.
    6. Dorei organized a Dollmore GO and it couldn't have went more smoothly.
      Let me tell you how perfect she was. She had kept everyone updated from start to finish, was very friendly,
      and responsible. When a small issue came up with shipping, she took responsibility and I really appreciated it.

      I would definitely recommend her! Thanks, Dorei! :thumbup
    7. I participated in a Dollmore GO hosted by Dorei, and it went well! Great communication and everything was packaged nicely and came super quick. Thank you for hosting, Dorei! :)
    8. Part of a Dollmore GO that @Dorei ran, everything went great, she is very helpful and keeps good regular contact and updates are beyond nice. Thanks again for a smooth order, and I hope to do future business with her (you).
    9. Dollmore GO: Was run very nicely, good communications and smooth transaction. It did run a bit longer then expected, but Dorei was on top with keeping with updates when asked. I would be happy to join another Group Order with again!
    10. Dropping a quick line before I dash off to work, so I don't forget ...

      I took part in the Dollmore GO as well and can only echo what everyone else already said. There was a bit of a holdup on Dollmore's end of things, but she handled it very well. Communication went great and my head made it home in record time! Definitely recommended, I'd join again any time! :daisy
    11. Dorei bought shoes from me. It was a very pleasant deal, amazing communication. She is a nice and friendly person.
      Thank you and will be happy to talk again ;)
    12. Dorei purchased a Mystic Kids pet bunny, Pinky, from me, and it couldn't have gone better! She is an extremely nice person, messaged me back promptly, paid immediately, and told me when she got the doll. I would be happy to sell, or perhaps buy, from her again!
    13. Dorei had bought mystic kids pet bunny Pinki too! Everything was great! Good communication, nice person to deal with!