Feedback for Dr.Zed

Aug 7, 2016

    1. Feedback goes here.

      Thank you very much!
    2. I sold a shirt to @Dr.Zed. Payment was prompt and I got a PM as soon as the item arrived. Thanks very much!
    3. Dr.Zed purchased a pair of oscardoll eyes from me : ) Great communication, fast payment! Thank you so much~!
    4. Dr. Zed purchased a Unoa from me. Communication was excellent, payment was prompt, and they were kind enough to let me know when the doll arrived. Such a quick and pleasant transaction; definitely recommended as a buyer! Thank you~!
    5. Dr. Zed purchased an el head from me. Fast payment, good communication. A+ seller. Thanks!
    6. I traded my shoes for Dr. Zed wig. Very good communication and very cute person. I would be happy to do business with her again! :)
    7. Dr. Zed purchased on a short layaway my Lumedoll Vega. She was wonderful to deal with and was a great communicator. I am very happy he found such a great home. Would sell to again, and would consider buying from as well.
    8. Dr. Zed bought a SSDF Cane head from me. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to work with~ Would not hesitate to deal with her again. Thank you!!

      Dr.Zed was lovely to deal with! I sold her an Anna-Queen Cozo head, and the transaction went great! She notified me when it arrived as well. I would definitely do business with her again!
    10. I sold a Saint Bloom Charlotte to Dr. Zed and everything was perfect. Great communication, paid right away, and let me know when the doll had safely arrived. Thank you thank you!
    11. Dr. Zed bought a Volks bust from me and was excellent with communications and patience! Highly recommended!
    12. Dr. Zed bought a tiny delf outfit from me and the whole transaction went smooth. They paid quickly, was promt with communication and let me know when the outfit arrived!

      Thank you! ^w^
    13. I sold a CharmDoll Jonasson head and mask to @Dr.Zed. They paid for the item as soon as I provided my PayPal. They were very friendly and fast in their communication and let me know almost as soon as they picked it up that the items arrived safely.

      I would definitely recommend selling to them! Awesome buyer and terrific transaction!
    14. I bought a Migidoll Sleeping Cho head from Dr.Zed and the whole process was seamless. The head was sent very promptly and we'll packaged with some fun little extras :)
      He came with a faceup by Dr.Zed which is gorgeous :love
      I would definitely buy from Dr.Zed again :) Thank you!
    15. Sold my Volks Yo Cecile body to Dr. Zed. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A real pleasure to do business with.
    16. I sold a Doll Legend body to Dr. Zed. Payment was fast, communication was great, and she was quick to let me know when the package arrived. Thanks for a great transaction!
    17. Dr.Zed bought a sleeping Minifee Momo head from me and was wonderful to work with :) Their responses were quick and friendly and they let me know right away when the head arrived.

      I would happily work with Dr.Zed again in the future and recommend them as a buyer!

      Thank you! :)
    18. I bought a DIM elf head from Dr. Zed.
      communication was fast and friendly
      shipping was super fast,
      I would certainly do business with Dr. Zed again
    19. I purchased an RSDoll Evan from @Dr.Zed and had a fantastic transaction! Communication was fast and my questions were answered readily. He was shipped immediately and came so fast! I would definitely recommend @Dr.Zed as a seller.
    20. Dr. Zed bought a Lumedoll Duhr head from me. They were very friendly and polite, paid quickly, and let me know as soon as the head had arrived. :) Overall a great transaction!