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Feedback for DraconicMaiden

Aug 4, 2006

    1. hi all, this is if you have ever had a transaction with me!

    2. EXCELLENT BUYER! ABSOLUTELY awsome!!!(I make no sense...) anwyays... You are ONe of those Discounted Shopper on my list...

      LOVE Joanne and Sachiko!

      *Joanne Pinch Zoe* KAWAIII~~~~
    3. Wonderful person to have a transaction with. Kept good contact, paid quickly, and let me know when the item arrived. Thanks again!
    4. Fantastic buyer! great communication and wonderful to get along with!!
    5. I joined her Dream of Doll group order and everything went very smoothly. Wonderful to deal with! ^_^x
    6. I was part of her DoD group order ^^ she was really nice and patient and shipping was really fast!

      Thanks a bunch :D
    7. Truly wonderful person to work with!! I worked on her boy's face and enjoyed dealing with her very much. She was very polite and quick to respond, and I had absolutely no hesitation in trusting her.
    8. Great transaction with DraconicMaiden. Good communication and a wonderful buyer!
    9. i know her personally...she's amazing!
    10. i dealt with her on a more personal basis...she lives with me!

      She did an AMAZING faceup on Sadako...and her body blushing is professional and tasteful...and she's a very pleasant person and helps me with anything i need done for/with my doll.
    11. :sweat A bit late....but I joined the DoD group order run last year by DraconicMaiden.

      The whole ordeal was stress-free, smooth and efficient. Thanks again!
    12. thanks lucky and everyone!! :)
    13. I just recived the dress she made for my girl, in return of a portrait of Sen, and it's really beautifull!

      All I can really say as said before me, she's a kind, wonderful person. :)
    14. Had a great transaction with DM :) She purchased my little Orientdoll So Ji on layaway and was great with communication. A pleasure to do business with! Thanks so much! (And take care of the little one! XD)
    15. DraconicMaiden commissioned me to open the eyes and do a faceup on her MNF Shiwoo boy, Kaname. She was nothing but sweet and excited throughout the whole thing, and prompt to pay. I couldn't be happier. Thank you! :)
    16. Excellent seller! we had great communication the whole time...i purchased her Shoyo, and she's now safe and sound in her new home

      good communication, good shipping, super fast!

      hahaha we have the same first name. double brownie points.
    17. I bought her mnf boy body from her.
      She's really sweet to deal with and replies very fast.

      Great communication, fast shipping and I absolutely love the tattoo!

      Thank you so much!
    18. She sold me this very doll...and even drove to my house to bring her to me!!!
    19. Oh and I forgot to mention that I commissioned her to make clothes for my AF Lily and they turned out great...there are pics in her commission thread.
    20. DraconicMaiden and I swapped bobobie boobies, and she was great to work with. I can't wait to see her finished mermaid person!