Feedback for Dragolivia

May 17, 2016

    1. If I've ever bought from you or if you've bought something from me, please feel free to leave some feedback about our transaction! I really appreciate it :D
      If you have any questions, I pinky-promise to communicate as quickly and as clearly as possible!
      Thanks for dealing with me!
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    2. Dragolivia bought a pair of shoes from me. The transaction was smooth and she paid right away. Was a pleasure dealing with you, thank you!
    3. Dragolivia bought a minifee bust piece from me. Payment was prompt and communication was lovely.
      Thank you so much!!! :)
    4. I sold a MNF Mirwen to Dragolivia on a short layaway. Prompt and friendly communication, let me know once payment was sent, and also let me know once she received the package. An altogether smooth transaction! Thanks so much!
    5. I purchased a cute deer fairy kei shirt and kitty hoodie from dragolivia. Communication was always prompt and polite. Items shipped super fast and arrived very well packaged. Everything was super perfect and they even included a couple of extras. I really enjoyed this transaction and would highly recommend them. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    6. Olivia bought some doll clothing from me and we did a partial trade as well. She was absolutely fantastic to deal with! The shoes that she sent me were in pristine condition and just as described. She also paid promptly and communicated nicely. I'd definitely recommend her as both buyer and seller, or for a trade. Thanks again !
    7. dragolivia joined my tata's group order and she was perfect! Paid when she said she would, and communication was friendly and consistent! Thanks for joining ^.^
    8. Dragolivia bought a nanuri 17 head from me. It was a pleasant transaction. She paid layaway on time and comunication was promp and friendly. She let me know when she received the doll. The transaction was perfect soI highly recommend her. Thank you very much ^^
    9. I bought an Iplehouse JID Asa from Dragolivia and she was very friendly, communication was awesome and Asa came to me very securely wrapped and with CoA and box as described. She is in perfect condition, thank you so much :)
    10. Commissioned Dragolivia for a pair of eyes. Communication was good and the eyes are lovely.
    11. Commissioned a pair of eyes from Dragolivia, and they turned out absolutely gorgeous. Communication was spot on, and shipping and turn around time was incredibly fast. Thank you!
    12. I bought a MNF Aline body from Dragolivia, they were very quick to respond and ship once payment was sent.
      Everything was packed and packaged well. Thanks!
    13. Super Positive!!! Fast and friendly communication, fast shipping, and a seriously well packaged doll (SDF65). Thank you so much!!
    14. I bought a huge lot of clothes from Dragolivia and it was a fantastic transaction. Communication was perfect, items were quickly shipped out, and they were packed SO WELL. Thank you so much!!
    15. I purchased a Doll Chateau kid boy body in normal pink from Dragolivia, and it was a wonderful transaction. Communication was easy, prompt, and friendly. The package was shipped out remarkably quickly, and everything was packaged well. The body arrived safe and sound, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much :)