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Feedback For DragonDavy1 ******FEED BACK******

Jan 26, 2007

    1. Feed Back spot for DragonDavy1:aheartbea
    2. I have done several transactions with DragonDavy and they've all been fantastic! He's really good at keeping in touch!
    3. Had an awesome transaction with DragonDavy1. Payment came VERY quickly and communication was fast and very friendly. I hope to do business with him again.
    4. fast payment and good communication :)

      Thanks again dragondavy1! I hope your resin kids like their swords!
    5. I've sold dragondavy1 quite a few pieces of jewelry, he's a great customer, fast payment, always friendly and great to chat with ;) I'd do business any time!
    6. :aheartbea Thank you everyone for the feed backs.:aheartbea
    7. DragonDavy1 is a WONDERFUL person to deal with!! I was in his AnotherSpace group order and he kept communication very well. He let me know the second AS shipped to him, and packaged my item well. He even included a beautiful little seashell as a gift :) I recommend DragonDavy1!!
    8. OOOO, thank you so much Damhnait.:aheartbea
      I am happy everything came in safe.

      Take care my friend.;)
    9. I did Anotherspace group order with dragondavy1 and it was BRILLIANT!

      I got my one-eyed goggle really quickly and he has been so helpful and nice :)
    10. Thank you so much Glass Mountain.:aheartbea
      I am happy you are happy.:)
    11. did a group order! everything went well, he even talked to anotherspace for me to make an adjustment on my order, after everything had gone through!

      Always very prompt with emails!
    12. Thanks Dechanique.:)
    13. I had a really perfect transaction with DRAGONDAVY1, I had a place in his "AnotherSpace group order", he did a really great job:thumbup, would do it again;)
      Thanks a lot:fangirl:
    14. Thank you Astrid.:)
    15. Charlie's a peach. Prompt and nice.
    16. I participated in DragonDavy's 2nd Anotherspace group order! Communication was great and the goggles arrived prompt and safely. Thank you so much for doing this group order. I think I'll have to get in on the 3rd!! ;) *hugs*
    17. I just participated in an AnotherSpace group order run by DragonDavy1 and was very happy with the whole thing. She ran the order so smoothly, kept in constant touch to status my order, shipped quickly when arrived and packaged very well. I will definatly participate in another group order run by her.

    18. I was in the recent Anotherspace order run by Davy and it was excellently run :) Always keeping in touch and very helpful with any questions, well packaged and timely shipping. If my wallet can stand it I'll join in another :)
    19. Thanks, and I hope everyone is happy.:D
    20. I just received my lovely lovely packet from dragondavy1 - a bit later than everyone else 'cos I'm in England!

      wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boinga boinga

      Anyway it was great, it got here pretty quickly and dragondavy1 is a star *

      I love the way he puts shells into his packages. Really nice shells. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Thank you!