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Feedback for Dragonofl5

Jun 6, 2011

    1. This is where anyone who's bought or I've bought anything off of can post feedback for me. Thank you if you leave any!
    2. I sold a Delf Breakaway '08 to Dragonofl5. She kept me updated on the status of her PayPal (waiting for checks to clear), and paid as soon as she could. She also updated me when he arrived. Communication was fast and easy. I'd definitely recommend Dragonofl5 for business in the future! Thank you!
    3. Sold few wigs to dragonofl5. She paid quick and communication was great
      Would love to deal with anytime!
    4. dragonofl5 bought a wig from me and I couldn't have asked for a better buyer. Communication was excellent! Highly recommended. Thanks for a great transaction :)
    5. dragonofl5 bought 2 necklaces from me. ^^ She paid quickly and let me know when they arrived. I'm so happy she likes them. ^^ I'd be happy to recommend her as a buyer!

      Thank you for such a great transaction!!
    6. Dragonofl5 bought a woosoo head from me and was very inderstanding with my shipping issues and very upbeat. Payment was made quickley and responce was fast. I would love to buy or sell frm/to Dragonfl5 agian ^__^
    7. Dragonofl5 participated in my LeekeWorld GO!, and was a wonderful participant. She was patient with me, responded wonderful to my PM's, and was quick to get payments in. I loved working with her, and hope to do so again in the future. Thanks for being such an amazing person! :D
    8. I was part of Dragonof15's Luts GO and it was run very well! Thank you so much! <3
    9. I was also a participant in dragonofl5's Luts GO. I could not have asked for a better host. She kept us updated the entire time, from beginning until end. Shipping was super prompt and communication was awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, no doubt. Thank you~!
    10. dragonoffl5 was simply amazing in handling the Luts GO and that's a fact!:) Some of the absolute best communications I've ever received from a GO host...quick, informative and sent invoices and items very quickly. It was a wonderful experience being in this GO and I finally scored that illusive lavender wig I've been trying to get from Luts for 2 years! Hooray for this GO and hooray for dragonoffl5!:D
    11. I joined a Luts GO ran by dragonoffl5. All i can say is super thumbs up. Excellent excellent excellent :)
    12. Joined Luts GO. Smooth going. Thanks!! A++
    13. I participated in dragonofl5's May/June 2012 LUTS GO and could not have asked for a better host!! Communication was prompt and steady, and the organization it took for such a huge order (over $1K, iirc) was phenomenal. Shipping was quick, and my item was packaged very well.

      Thank you so much for running this GO! I wouldn't hesitate to join another!!
    14. I participated in Dragonofl5's recent Luts Event GO. She did a knock-out job :) Everything was very organized, turn around was amazing, and communcation throughout the whole process was excellent. I couldn't be happier with how she ran this GO! I would happily work with her again in the future. Thank you very much! :)
    15. I paricipated in Dragonofl5's GO order. It was quick and well organized. She managed to keep the shipping from the company low for everyone and expertly repackaged all of our items and sent them out very quickly. I needed to add some things to the GO a couple days before it closed and she was able to include them in without a hitch!

      She ran an awesome GO and I would definitely participate again. Thanks so much Dragonogl5! I'm really glad we all got a bunch awesome stuff at a nice discount. :3
    16. I also participated in dragonofl5's Luts GO! She was incredibly acommodating! She kept me updated via PM when I could not access the thread. She really was wonderful to deal with, and I got 5 lovely wigs for my crew. They were excellently repackaged, and got to me very quickly.

      Can't express how pleased I am with how smooth and quick this GO was! I would not hesitate to have future transactions with her! :D Thanks so so much!
    17. I participated in Dragonfly's recent LUTS GO. She was just a treat to work with; very prompt and helpful with information on our items, and extremely patient with payment. I hope to join her next GO from whatever company it may be. Thank you so much!
    18. I was in the LUTS GO lead by dragonofl5. Very organized and professional, but also friendly! I find her skills in group orders to be quite desirable, as well as the method of which she had the payment(s) to be made in. I would happily join in another GO lead by dragonofl5 as she is very trust-able and honest in such matters!
    19. I was in a group order run by Dragonofl5 and it was the most smoothly run order I've been involved with in all my years on DoA. It was also the speediest! Dragonofl5 deserves the highest recommendation possible!
    20. I particapated in the Luts GO that was hosted by Dragonofl5, and it couldnt have had a better GO leader.
      Great comunication! Everything went smoothly and she was fast on getting our items shipped out.
      I couldnt be more happier and would highly recomend her.

      Thank you so very much :)