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Feedback for dragonslayerssdd

Nov 8, 2008

    1. Couldn't find a thread for dragonslayerssdd, so I hope it's ok that I started one!

      Sold a pair of eyes to dragonslayerssdd. Communication was great, payment was quick, and I was informed when they arrived! A lovely buyer :)
    2. Sold a Migidoll Ryu head to dragonslayerssdd on a short layaway that was very quickly followed through on! She let me know when the head arrived A-OK and that always makes me happy to know :) Thanks!
    3. dragonslayerssdd purchased a Migidoll Yujin head from me a little while ago, and the transaction couldn't have gone any smoother!
      She was quick with the payment, and had great communication as well. I would definitely do buisness with her again ^_^
    4. dragonslayerssdd bought from me a Winter Event Head from Luts. Everything went fine, good contact, fast payment :3
    5. I offered dragonslayerssdd Shiwoo head. Fast PM and prompt payment. Deal was great and I appreciate you understood that I missed some stuff. ^^;
      I recommend dragonslayerssdd as good buyer!
    6. good and reliable buyer, highly recommended! :)
    7. dragonslayerssdd was a part of my GO for Cancan wigs, and she was a wonderful participant. Payment was sent fast and communication was excellent. Thanks so much!
    8. Ran a split for the Pipos Event head with dragonslayerssdd who veryveryvery kindly let me split the event kitty from her Bao :aheartbea

      She paid exactly on time, was patient with my panic and general lameness, is wonderful to talk to and exactly the kind of 'buyer' (since I handled the order) I wanted :aheartbea I would definitely do business with her again in a heartbeat :) Very highly recommended to anyone ^___^
    9. dragonslayerssdd bought a Limited Pipos Moody Cheshire from me and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant transaction for my first time selling. The payment was made promptly and she was very understanding throughout the whole deal. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and would have no problem dealing with her again!
    10. Sold a customized handmade furwig to dragonslayerssdd. An absolute wonder to work with. Payment was as promised. A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    11. dragonslayerssdd bought a fer from me and it was a wonderful transaction! Payment was quick and communication was wonderful - Thanks!
    12. Sold a Miho head to dragonslayerssdd. Transaction went smoothly. We were able to meet up since we're in the same city and I was running late, but she understood and was patient. She was really nice to deal with and I would definitely deal with her again. Thanks~!
    13. Sold a type 3 CP body to dragonslayerssdd.
      Payed quickly and was thoroughly pleasant to deal with. Would sell to again! :)
    14. Bought a miho head from dragonslayerssdd. Communications were very good and fast~ She was patient with me when i was still making up my mind as when the money was transferring to my paypal account.
      She's such a nice seller, found me the most economical and safe shipping method, as well as throwing in some lil pressies with the package.
      I would definately buy from her again~!:thumbup:thumbup
    15. sold a pair of eyes to dragonslayerssdd. Very nice and quick in all pms and payment. Very nice to work with and would recommend as a buyer :)
    16. Yet another fantastic sales to dragonslayerssdd. Definitely a A++++ Buyer! XD
    17. I recently sold a wig to dragonslayerssdd. Communication was fabulous and payment was prompt. I would gladly work with her again. Thanks! :D
    18. i bought chrom hands from dragonslayerssdd :) great communication and swift delivery! thank you!
    19. I sold an article of clothing to dragonslayerssdd, and it was a really lovely transaction. Great communication, swift payment, and I was informed when it arrived. Awesome buyer!
    20. dragonslayerssdd bought some faun legs from me, the transaction went wonderfully smooth, thanks so much!!!