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Feedback for DraloreShimare

Nov 20, 2006

    1. Hello, just decided that I should begin a feedback thread. Please leave feedback here if you've had a transaction with me.
    2. I've done several trades with Dra (she crochets beautiful things for my darlings. ^^) and she has always been diligent and works extra-hard to get it done and make it lovely!
    3. Very polite, rapid payment, and great with staying in contact :D
      Thank you very much!
    4. Wonderful buyer! Very fast payment! I hope to do business with you again!
    5. Dralore bought a pair of boots from me and paid promptly. Smooth transaction :]
    6. I bought some doll hands from DraloreShimare and they arrived quickly and were in great condition. I'd definitely do business with her again!
    7. We had a great transaction with DraloreShimare. Couldn't ask for a better buyer and a real pleasure to deal with.
    8. Dralore bought a couple tanktops from me and paid very promptly, and was very pleasant to sell to. ^_^
    9. I've ordered things with Dra several times. She's very trustworthy, reliable, and knows her stuff.
    10. Well, this time I bought shoes from her and everything went great. The shoes arrived amazingly fast @__@
    11. I participated in a Group Order organized by DraloreShimare. It went very smoothly, she updated regularly and always responded to PM's. I would definitely deal with her again. :)
    12. i was in a luts order that draloreshimare ran. it was a smooth order and everything arrived quickly and she made updates on the order often :D i would join in on another group order
    13. She helped me get the body for my girl! She ran a lovely luts group order, shipped everything fast and kept us all updated whenever something came up.

      She was very nice and I would love to do business with her again. :)
    14. I was part of a group order that DraloreShimare ran and everything went very smoothly! ^__^
    15. I was in a Luts Group order run by DraloreShimare--super-smooth transaction, no problems and my wig got here fast! I'd definitely do business with her again :)
    16. I was in her Luts group order and she did a wonderful job! ^__^ Thank you so much! =D
    17. Great buyer. Fast payment and good communication. Thank you! =)
    18. I sold Dralore a belt. She paid promptly and kept in contact, and made my end of the transaction really smooth. ^^
    19. Another great transaction with Dralore. Prompt payment. The perfect buyer! Thanks so much!
    20. Sold some pants to her, and everything went great! Thanks very much again! =D