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FEEDBACK FOR Dreadfulme!!

Jan 17, 2007

    1. Hi,
      This is my feedback thread. If you ever had a transaction with me, please leave feedback & I shall do the same for you!!;)
    2. I painted Dreadfulme's Tan Lishe. She was quick with payment and kept in touch!

      I look forward to painting the next head she sends me! ^^
    3. I blushed her Tan Lishe's body. She was wonderful to deal with, kept in touch, kept up conversation, and payed quickly when it was time!

      Her girl's body is happily on her way home! :)
    4. She bought a commissioned headdress from me, paid promptly, and was incredibly understanding when I had a bit of trouble sending it out. :)

      Would definitely love to keep her as a buyer! :D
    5. Nina has recently bought from me an armband. Her communications were clear, concise, and prompt. She was a joy to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future!
    6. I sold some socks and armwarmers to Dreadfulme, and she paid quickly and was VERY patient when they took a little longer to send out than I'd intended. :fangirl: She's awesome!!
    7. i worked on dreadfulme's soony ophelia - it was a fun commission to do and dredfulme was great to work with!
    8. Dreadfulme purchased a couple of my necklaces. She was quick to pay and very nice! Hope you enjoy them!
    9. Nina is a wonderful buyer! She was quick with replying, and paid faster than she said she would. I highly recommend her!!

    10. Dreadfulme purchased from me and was fast with her payment and pleasent in emails. A very good buyer! :)
    11. I got to work on Dreadfulme's amazing vampire dark elf Soo... What a treat! She was fun to work with, full of great ideas, super responsive, and just generally a great customer :) I'd love to have the chance to paint for her again!
    12. dreadfulme commissioned a lishe mod (with fangs! those were so fun to do!) and was super friendly (as always) and was so much fun to work with. i can't wait till the next commission from her! ^^
    13. dreadfulme was a wonderful customer. :D She was always super friendly and fun to talk to, very apologetic when it turned out that she couldn't send payment right away as she had hoped to, but she sent payment directly on the date that she promised to. and we had loads of fun chatting in the meantime. ;)
    14. I sold to Dreadfulme and it was a great transaction! Very prompt payment and good communcation! Thank you <3
    15. I sold an outfit to Dreadfulme, and the transaction went through like a dream, she paid super fast, and informed me when the outfit arrived, I would recommend her 100&#37; and would glady deal with her again anytime...

      Huge thnkies. ((>.<))
    16. Nina is amazing to work with, she has excellent communication and paid very quickly. She commissioned two dreadlock wigs from me and let me know right away when she received them. I would highly recommend any transaction with Nina :)
    17. I sold a dustome dreadlock wig to Dreadfulme! She was a gem and a blast to work with- she was awesome with communication and on track with everything, she paid quickly and was awesome to work with- thanks again!
    18. I did a trade with Dreadfulme, she was wonderful to work with, so enthusiastic and helpful. I simply can't say enough good things about Nina :) :) :)
    19. participated in my dollmore group order. quick payments and very friendly. a pleasure to do business with!
    20. Super nice to work with and super fast shipping? Is it really possible? Why, with Dreadfulme it sure is!! Not only was our transaction easy and speedy, but Dreadfulme even went so far as to make a feedback thread for me (since I previously did not have one). I am so happy right now!!! :D Definitely a super person to work with!