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Feedback for Dreamfall

Apr 9, 2009

    1. I sold a Nanuri 07 to Dreamfall. She was very sweet throughout the transaction, prompt with communication and let me know as soon as he arrived.

      I'd happily do business with Dreamfall again! :D
    2. Dreamfall is good with communication and prompt with payment. Excellent person to transact with!
      (purchase of Dollshe head).
    3. I sold an expensive outfit to Dreamfall and everything went very well! Excellent!
    4. I sold an Elysium doll head to Dreamfall and the transaction went very well. Great communications, very nice to do business with. Highly recommend!
    5. Dreamfall purchased my Volks FCS elf boy, she was super nice to trade with, her short layaway was paid promptly and communication was great :treecookie He took a while to arrive but she was extremely patient and also let me know when he arrived safely :) I would love to trade again in the future and would highly recommend a transaction with Dreamfall to anyone :fangirl:
    6. Dreamfall and I traded her Elfdoll K head + cash for my Lotus Near from me and everything went perfectly! She paid & send the head super fast and was always friendly throughout the transaction! Thank you so much ^_^
    7. I sold and OR doll head to Dreamfall

      communication was great and everything went smoothly, I'd be very happy to do business with her again, thank you :)
    8. I bought a Dollshe IM Hound head (tan) from Dreamfall and everything went great. Communication was great and shipping was quick.
      And she's a very talented artist. She gave the head a wonderful face-up.
      Thank you again for this great transaction !
    9. I purchased a Dollshe boy from Dreamfall and she was very lovely to deal with. She was really patient with me when I had quite a few questions to ask regarding payment and shipping. My boy arrived in record time and in 100% perfect condition. The packaging was with care and communication was excellent. I can highly recommend her as a wonderful seller.

      Thank you again!
    10. I've commissioned Dreamfall to do a scarring mod on my Iplehouse EID body and some blushing on a pair of EID claw hands. Not only was she very prompt in her response and communication, she even took the initiative to contact the post office when the package took a longer time than usual to deliver it to her place. She followed closely to the details and examples I gave for the commission and I was TOTALLY blown away by the result. I simply LOVE how the scars and blushing turned out in the end. The amount of detail she put on her work is amazing. The parts were neatly and securely packed as well (she was sweet enough to give me some yummy candy as a gift too) when they returned back to me. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

      This is my first time commissioning her, but after this I will definitely return back to get a slot from her once more. A wonderful artist. :D Thanks again!
    11. I commissioned Dreamfall for a face-up on my Granado Mads and I'm simply in love with her fantastic job ! She really took care of the details.
      Communication was very nice and the shipping was very quick.
      Excellent artist and a very nice person. I will be glad to commission her again ! ^^
    12. Dreamfall painted two of my heads. One of the heads also included blushing the NS head to tan. Both heads turned out much better than I ever hoped! They are exactly like I wanted them.
      Dreamfall is very easy to communicate with and she replied very fast to every PM. She was always friendly :D
    13. Does anyone have her DOA?
    14. It's been a long time since you wrote. But if you still have any questions, feel free to ask ^^
    15. A little delay, but here I am!
      Contact was really nice and payment was fast! thank you so much! <3
    16. I purchased a Freedom Teller Detective Holmes Outfit and the item was packed nicely and is in excellent condition - almost looks as if it had never been worn. I am delighted.
    17. I purchased an Or-Doll Anderl head from Dreamfall and it was packaged nicely and shipped promptly. I would purchase from them again!
    18. I purchased a Nabarro Cyril head from Dreamfall and the transaction was very smooth. Responses were quick and helpful, and the head arrived well packaged. Thank you so much! ^__^