Feedback for drifts

Aug 14, 2009

    1. :pcupcake Feedback for Drifts :bcupcake (2019 edit: they/them)

      If I've ever bought/commissioned anything from you or you've ever bought anything from me, please leave me some feedback~
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    2. Drifts bought a pair of shoes from me and I couldn't be happier to deal with her. She's polite, responsive, and paid quickly. Would totally sell to again.

      Pleasure doing business with you! <3
    3. I sold a fur sweater to drifts.A pleasure to work with.and make a very quickly payment.a nice communication~Thank you very much .^_^
    4. ^^ I sold a Migidol Ryu head w/ Meggilu faceup to Drifts and I don't think things could have gone any better than they did!

      c: She asked me to put him on hold and that she'd pay by the end of the weekend and she held true to her word (Which to me is a major plus! I've had so many people flake out on their holds lately). Her PMs were quick as was the payment, and she was incredibly friendly, I would gladly do business with her again!

      Thanks again!
    5. Drifts bought an Fdoll body from me, the transaction was a pleasure <3 Prompt/instant payment, and great communication! Thanks a heap! *-*
    6. Drifts purchased a pair of SD pants from me. Great communication and super fast payment. Thanks for a great transaction!
    7. drifts bought two SD shirts from me and was very pleasant and quick to pay. I would definitely do business with again.
    8. drifts bought my obitsu gretel head and paid promptly.She was very patient even though i was having delays mailing her item.

      would definitely do business with her again!
      great buyer!
    9. I just sold a DD1 Volks 60cm NS body to drifts-san. She amazingly understanding (she even paid the PP fees without asking! :faint:), professional, yet ULTRA friendly, and very prompt in payment.
      I would not hesitate a millisecond to deal with drifts again and hope to in future!

      She's a true asset to DoA and I highly recommend her!!!!

      Thanks again!
      God bless!
    10. Bought an Obitsu Gretel head from drifts and the transaction went very smoothly. She kept in constant contact and she even refunded me the money from the shipping (was actually less in shipping then I payed). The head came quickly and it looked Amazing. Would suggest buying from her anytime!
      ~*Thank you so much!*~
    11. Bought a gorgeous body from drifts.
      Lightning fast shipping and what a bargain~!

      I would recommend Kelly in a heartbeat.

      Thank you so much!
    12. I purchased an AOD Wang Zi from drifts. He arrived very well packed and quickly. I'm very happy with him. Thanks!
    13. drifts purchased a wig and pair of shoes from me. Excellent communication and was a total sweety~
      If the chance came again, I would love to do business with her again. Thank you very much again! :D
    14. Drifts recently bought from me a wig, and aluts Summery'10 JDF2 mod head I painted. She was prompt with her replies and very patient with me and my awkward shipping schedule. ^^; Quick to pay and even let me know when he arrived!

      The entire transaction was smooth and pleasant^^<3 Highly recommended! Would most definitely buy from or sell to again in the future!
    15. Sold a soom chrom head to her! Great communication and quick payment. I'd highly recommend her. :)
    16. I bought a fantasy doll boy body from drifts,
      He arrived quickly and very well packaged.(infact, it took me about 5 minutes just to get through the box's xD not to mention the bubble rap!)
      Would definitely do business with her again! :)

      ~Thanks ^-^
    17. A perfect buyer! ^^

      Drifts purchased my Luts Annette/ResinSoul modded hybrid. Payment was right away and communication was excellent.
      I would enter in another transaction with her without question!

    18. I bought a Rain Minimee head from drifts. It was a smooth transaction, great communication, fast shipping, the head is perfect. I highly recommend drifts!
    19. I bought a brown wig from Drifts. It's in excellent condition and the transaction was very smooth and friendly.