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Feedback for DrozDroz

May 8, 2011

    1. She has participated in a split of Iplehouse Arvid.
      Fast payment, very attentive, helpful and understanding.
      Without doubt, a pleasure doing business with it ^^
    2. DrozDroz joined the Audrey Hepburn Minimee GO.

      Communication was great, payment prompt, she was a great GO member, and I'd welcome her again into any GO I'd organize in future!

      Highly recommended!
    3. DrozDroz took part in my Ringdoll split. Her payments were fast and communication was excellent, she is a great person to deal with. I'd definitely do business with her again :)

      Thank you, dear~
    4. I bought and SD RS girl body from DrozDroz and the whole transaction went rather smoothly (minus a blip on the Post's end, not Droz's fault and it was corrected!). Definitely recommend as a seller. C: