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Feedback for dudidudiwa

May 16, 2009

    1. Feedback for me :), dudidudiwa~

    2. i sold a Ryu head to dudidudiwa, she paid promptly, and responded to all my PM's. it was a very smooth transaction, a recommended buyer.
    3. I purchased an AOD Rao from dudidudiwa. Rao was shipped out in a few days and arrived safetly and in great condition, I would reccomend this seller to anyone <3
    4. dudidudiwa bought an AOD body from me and was great to work with. Thanks!!
    5. Traded my Limho Mono for her AE Alice. The trade was very pleasant and easy. The doll is beautiful and the packing excellent. A+ :)
    6. Dudidudiwa sold me a Limho Mono

      She was very patient with me (thanks for that)
      Eventhough there have been some inconveniences.
    7. Sold DIM Elena to dudidudiwa. She's very understanding and patient throughout the whole transaction. ^^ replies and paid promptly. Very pleasant transaction overall. Highly recommended!!! XD
    8. Sold a Unoa Sist faceplate to dudidudiwa, and the transaction was very quick and painless. dudidudiwa paid very quickly and was a breeze to deal with. She contacted me when the faceplate arrived and notified me. I would do business again.
    9. dudidudiwa purchased a doll wig from me. She paid promptly and responded to PMs quickly. The trade went very smoothly. Thank you very much! :D
    10. I have bought an MSD sized cardigan from dudidudiwa. Everything went perfectly~
      Communication was perfect, the sale was perfect, everything was perfect! Shipping was quick.

      Though, I had a bit of a surprise - dudidudiwa said it would take 2 - 3 weeks for shipping. Okay, that didn't bother me - I was going to start expecting it around my birthday. But then it arrived today - which was a bit weird. I didn't expect it to get here in about seven business days.

      I would love to do business with dudidudiwa again. A+++
    11. Bought a D.I.M. Elena head from dudidudiwa. Responded quickly and answered all my questions! A trustworthy seller :D
    12. I bought a Unoa Sist head from dudidudiwa. She was willing to combine shipping with another order I had in the same country. She said that there where some damage on the faceup, I was prepairing for spots missing, not that small. I have both my dream dolls now, just need a body for my unoa. Thank you so much and for your patience.
    13. I sold an Erfold+ Kururu head to dudidudiwa. She is so kind and the transaction went by smoothly! ^^ Her communication was excellent and she was very patient with my while I went to get additional pictures. Thanks soooo much dudidudiwa~!! :D
    14. I sold a body to dudidudiwa. Great communication and prompt payment! Couldn't have asked for more
    15. Byu a old SD10 body to dudidudiwa.
      Nice transaction ! She always answer me, the body are very well protected, she tell me about delay before shipping.

      Thanks !
    16. I had a great transaction with dudidudiwa
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17. Started negotiating a transaction with this seller on 3-12-2015 had come to an agreement on a layaway on 3-13-2015, it would have a downpayment and 2 payments within 2 weeks. Seller gave no impression someone who was willing to pay in full would take priority. I was waiting to make my downpayment because I did not have the sellers paypal, and I did not hear from the seller for 2 days for whatever reason. On 3-15-2015 I heard from the seller and was told that she would have to sell to someone else because they could make full payment, this after we had worked out payments and come to an agreement. I even told the seller there could be a chance I could pay it in full on 3-17-2015 which would eliminate the second payment. Anyways that's not the point I just want to say tread lightly with this seller.
    18. Dudidudiwa purchased a Merry Doll Round Dango from me. She was super sweet and very nice to work with. She let me know when the doll arrived and even sent me a photo. Thank you so much!