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Feedback for Dutchgirl!!!

Apr 17, 2007

    1. Thanks in advance from everyone!!!!
    2. I bought a wonderful set of clothes from Dutchgirl. The shipping was so super fast, and a wonderful seller to deal with ^^ Would buy from you at anytime ^^,)
    3. Great communication, and the skirt is well made, gorgeous and fits like a dream. Thanks so much!
    4. :) I bought some lovely Dollheart boots form Dutchgirl. The whole transaction was great - she's such a fab person to do business with !

      :aheartbea jaxa:aninja:
    5. BUY OR TRADE shes awesome and I love her and her work!!!
    6. I've sold to Dutchgirl/Monique once, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction. :) Many thanks!
    7. Received everything and am extremely pleased! Thank you so much!
    8. I've had many transactions with Dutchgirl. She is absolutely wonderful to deal with and very friendly. I HIGHLY recommend her as both a seller and a buyer!

    9. Fun, friendly and ofcourse a great buyer;)
      Thanks Monique!

    10. I purchased a beautiful knitted dress from Monique. It was a very pleasant transaction and Monique is so talented a knitter! I hope to buy more of her knitted items!

    11. I bought a doll from Dutchgirl, and she was very co-operative and patient even when I had my doubts (about buying the doll at all, not about buying it from her). Everything went as planned, an A+ transaction!
    12. I had several transactions with Dutchgirl. She is very friendly and patient a pleasure to deal with :)
    13. Bought 4 Thai shirts from me. Very friendly to deal with and paid promptly. I'd recommend her to anyone.
    14. participated in my dollmore group order. quick payments and very friendly to deal with ^_^
    15. participated in another one of my dollmore orders. once again quick payments and very friendly. I don't think I could ask to deal with someone more pleasant! Pleasure doing business with yet again.
    16. participated in yet another of my dollmore group orders. still great as every with quick payments and friendly attitude.
    17. Had a great transaction with Dutchgirl, I bought some Narae sneakers and she let me know that they didn't go out when she had planned to do it due to illness and that they would go out asap, they arrived quickly and in perfect condition..thanks so much, would buy from again!!
    18. Had a smooth transaction with Dutchgirl, nice knitted and out fits, that was in 2005... but i didnt post here after the renewals of marketplace ...sorry for being late to post here ^__^
    19. Dutchgirl bought an Unoa Sist faceplate from me. She paid promptly and was very pleasant in her PMs. Thanks for a smooth transaction! :)
    20. Bought some PJs off Dutchgirl, and it was a perfect transaction. Communication was prompt, item arrived quickly and in perfect condition, and they're extremely well made too! Awesome seller and seamstress. Thanks so much!