Feedback for Dybbuk

Oct 21, 2007

    1. Dybbuk and I participated in a three way split of a Lu-Wen! She PMed me promptly about the head and didn't flake out (which is rare on this board!). She paid promptly and I let her know what was going on with the order weekly-- she never PMed me or bugged me or complained about how long it was taking (because Luts takes forever, and we all know that it's not the other person's fault, it's Luts!). She was a CHARM to work with, and she's very friendly! She let me know when she got the head (so glad you got it safely!) and she was very sweet the entire time.

      I will DEFINITELY reccommend her to anyone wanting to deal with her.

      Thank you SO MUCH AGAIN! I'm so glad you're happy!

    2. Dybbuk bought BW Breakaway (Open eyes) from me.

      Great communication, the transaction ended smoothly.
      Thank you very much!!

      Dybbuk is a great buyer :aheartbea
      I highly recommend Dybbuk :thumbup
    3. Dybbuk just bought from me and it was an excellent transaction all around! She went out of her way to pay via my preferred payment method, which I really appreciate. She also kept me updated when she would be away for a awhile. Our communication was just wonderful. She's obviously a very mature, conscientious person.

      Thank you!
    4. Just completed my transaction with Dybbuk, a sale of a limited doll where she paid with a short layaway. Everything went super-smoothly, she paid earlier than anticipated and stayed in communcation throughout. No worries here - I'd work with Dybbuk again anytime!
    5. i sold Dybbuk a F-38 head and lots of clothes & eyes XD she is a nice person to deal with.I'd like to work with her again^^!
    6. Dybbuk did like two faceups for me and is totally awesome! She does a fabulous job and doesn't mind the fact I'm a total SHB and have yet to pay her for Fu's faceup ^^; <3 I totally recommend doing business with her :3
    7. Dybbuk bought doll outfit from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    8. I sold an Amakusa head to Dybbuk -- she did a short layaway and paid promptly at the days she said she would. She was an overall joy to deal with, highly recommended by me! :)
    9. I bought some jewelry from Dybbuk and it went wonderfully! She was very open and consistent with her communication through the whole process. When she was a day or two late with the shipping she informed me in advance (weather) and included a free gift that rocked my sock off. The item came quickly and was both securely and beautifully packaged.
      Thanks! :)
    10. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    11. Dybbuk has bought two wigs from me. She was a nice buyer and payment was prompt. Very glad to deal with her.^^
    12. I had Natalie gave my dolls the most BEAUTIFUL face up I have ever seen! She's so very sweet to work with and answered all my silly questions! She's very quick and does a wonderful job!

    13. Dybbuk commissioned a wig from me, and was a perfect buyer-payment was quick, communication was excellent. Thank you!
    14. Dybbuk purchased a Eden head from me. Perfect transaction, great communications! Highly recommend!
    15. Dybbuk is such a wonderful artist! I sent her my Gackt Minimee head for a faceup and a manicure and she is simply awesome! He's perfect and she kept me updated every step of the way. Thank you so much Dybbuk for an awesome job! :aheartbea
    16. Sorry for the delayed feedback! XD;

      Dybbuk is an awesome buyer! :) Purchased my SDF Azure head. Quick payment, flawless transaction and kept in contact during the whole deal. Thanks so much for giving that gorgeous boy a wondereful home! :chocoberry
    17. Dybbuk bought a wig from me and the whole transaction was very easy and pleasant. Payment was quick and communication excellent. Would love to do business with Dybbuk again! Thanks very much! ^^
    18. not only Dybbuk is one of the best face up artists that I've seen but... I love her to the bones for giving me the chance to be with Gackt. He is still is with customs but I already have already seen him and he is awesome. she helped me and still is helping all the way! *hugs*

      I would gladly deal with Dybbuk again. I recommend her to everyone as well!

      Squee! I really love him! ^^

      honmono notame , ooku no watashi no kokoro no soko kara kanshashi teimasu .

    19. Bought a Body from Dybbuk. She was great to deal with, very kind and quick to respond. The package came at LIGHTING speed and the body was packaged very well.

      Three Thumps up. :lol: