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Feedback for ebay user MagicTailor.

Feb 6, 2007

    1. I'll say this. I'm not happy right now. :evil:

      I had first won two auctions from Magic Tailor in November. I was promised that the items (boots and a pair of leather pants) would be shipped out ASAP.

      I contacted Magic Tailor in December to ask about the items because I have not received them. Again, I was promised that they'd be sent out ASAP (due to Christmas they've been busy, as I was told).

      I contacted them again in January since I never received any items. Once again, items would be shipped since they were "lost in the mail." (Unfortunately, by this time, I was screwed out of filing a claim against these people.)

      I recently asked (It's now February and I need the money for bills.) for a refund and I had to send an invoice via Paypal for that refund. They have yet to pay up.

      I'm furious. I got screwed out of 48 bucks and I want my money, dagnabit! :evil:
    2. well crap I wish I saw this earlier, I am waiting on an outfit that supposedly was sent out last Monday...they don't have a tracking number for me..which I am not sure why..since they used Register Royal Mail?
      I was told that I would have it within 6 days..well its been 7....guess i better get on their tail about it...:?
    3. Hm, surprising. I've bought from them before and not had any problems at all... maybe this is an isolated case o.o I hope they get back to you!!
    4. Catdancer: I hope you get your outfit; the only reason I went with MagicTailor to begin with was due to the feedback they've received. I knew that they were an overseas company, but I've never had packages lost or anything until now.

      Lynsey: I was thinking that it was an isolated event. I checked Toolhaus.org (Very helpful; everyone and their mama should use it!) and apparently, I wasn't the only one who had a bad experience with not receiving items. :/
    5. It seems to be just recently they have been having problems....
      here is my story..

      I am now having some discrepency from them, I bought an outfit from them on 1/20 {over $100!} and received a message from Mia there saying the choker was out of stock on 1/25 and should be in the following day and would be sent out, the following monday 1/29.
      I then emailed last week asking if there was a tracking number, and i received a message saying they didn't have one and yes it did go out on 1/29. so I still haven't received it, so I emailed them today..got a message back tonight saying that they checked their records and that it went on 1/22 and that I should wait a few more days and it should be here..
      well I wrote back and told them there was a discrepency, and sent them the whole info as I wrote above plus the message I received from them. I told him I would wait a few more days and then I would take further action.. I will just contact Paypal and Ebay and get my money back ..I am not waiting too long....I am not sure why they don't have tracking numbers if they are using Registered Royal mail....
    6. I have heard of other cases where MagicTailor has failed to ship the item (lost in the mail), or had delays and excuses for not shipping, but in most cases I believe items do arrive.
    7. Catdancer: I'm sorry that you're having that much trouble with MagicTailor. That truly is a bummer. :/

      twingling: Good grief! I wish I knew that before I "bought" the items I never received! Well, there's a bit more to the story now, which I shall share now.

      Apparently, she got off her kiester when I had left negative feedback. The following message was sent my way: "I have been waiting for the money to be transfered to my paypal account from my bank account so that I could refund you.Please withdraw the feedback and get your refund."

      My reply was that I'd like my refund first, then I'd consider withdrawing the feedback (Note that I asked for the refund then would consider withdrawing the negative feedback.).

      Edit: Received my refund in full. Finally!
    8. wwooohoo Congrats!!!!

      I have more to my story too, since I emailed them with what I posted before this is the message I just received:

      "Hi there,

      It has been long enough, I think they may be lost by the post office. I will send a new set tomorrow and let you know the tracking number.

      Sorry about the delay.

      and this my email in response:

      I am going to be honest here, and say I know of the negative feedback you have recently received, and have been in contact with others who have waited for items since Nov. and they still have not received their items. You have promised their items, then said they were lost, and would send others...and as of today still have not received their items nor refund.
      So it is odd to me that you would so quickly offer another set.
      I would like a refund of my money in total instead of a replacement.
      We can be civil and do it this way between us..or I can go to Ebay and Paypal and start a dispute.
      My paypal id is catdancr@hughes.net

      its a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing this outfit..and if we can do this between us, we can also void out the auction and not leave feedback.

    9. Thank you; it was a huge sigh of relief. Now I'll be able to put the money into the bank to help with finances (and pay Luts for a couple of things)!!

      I hope you get your refund quickly and more painlessly than I did!

    10. I received another message from the seller saying that I should not only look at the 3 negatives left by one seller but look at all the hundreds of good feedback they got...and that the person that left three negatives was given the chance of tracking their packages and that they have had people try to get the items for free by stating they never got them or by clicking "payment made" when it wasn't..and that he thought I honestly have not received my item.
      {I would liek to know how come they got tracking numbers and I was told there wasn't any}
      and he also said that they don't give refunds as part of their procedure and that the only thing he could do is send me a replacement and if I wanted a refund then I could send it back and ask for a refund...yeah right....I know the protocol..I can ask for a refund within 45 days after sending payment and not getting anything.
      He also said he couldn't find the reciept for the Registered Royal mail so he could show me it was sent.. but he could check his "records" and tell me it was sent on a completely different day?? how odd...and I thought if it was registered, wouldn't it have a tracking number? I have bought stuff before from the UK and it was sent Royal Mail and I was a tracking number...

      This is just too odd...so I told him I knew the protocol, and that I didn't have to accept a replacement..so i have opened a dispute...I was told by someone that it took almost three weeks for their stuff to arrive...I am not waiting that long...
      and I really wanted the outfit too...:(
    11. Wow, that's awful! I guess I'll stay away from them then....I like to buy in the US anyway. I hope everything works out for you Catdancer!
    12. update: the seller is sending out another{?} outfit.. with a tracking number, I received the number today and it is not yet in the system..we will see if it ever gets in there.....they know I have opened a dispute and won't hesitate to upgrade it to a claim if need be.....
    13. catdancer: Oh trust me, they do give refunds (I can attest to that I never got my items; regarding auctions and whatnot, I've followed "honesty is the best policy."). Basically, he gave you the same crap I've heard as of late and that's bullocks. Now, let's see if the tracking number works...

      AerynAerie: Good for you; I wouldn't recommend this "seller" to anyone after my experience with them.
    14. I had one good transaction with them. My item arrived on time and well packaged.

      But frankly, after some of the stories I've heard about them, I wouldn;t risk it a second time.

    15. Hi Sweetie
      have to admit I have had a couple of canvas boots from them OK ...no problem at all
      ..not covering for them but our post is:barf

      but a bit about our crappy Royal Mail YES we can sent items fully insured
      so thats no problem ,if its sent Registered your item will be insured , but the tracking dosnt work outside UK ..
      so thats little more than useless and even if its sent, its more like 7-10 days so as far as post goes , thats not unusual from the UK
      I have sent things Registered to the US , and by the Letter Post and Small Packet
      and they are quicker ...and the standard reply from the UK Post is
      ...well its OK in the UK but when it gets outside the UK we cant tell how long it will take :? ...I wouldnt worry too much if it hasnt arrive yet ...but you could check with them to see if it was sent :)
    16. well I just checked the number and it says that is being processed for delivery abroad.
      What I don't understand is why they couldn't give me a tracking number in the first place, and why is there such a discrepency in the dates it was supposedly sent out...it just made me very wary.
      and then their attitude wasn't the greatest either, telling me they only refund if I am not 100% satisfied with the product and I return it. I told him that what if it never showed up, would I not be 100% satisfied? and that because of his tone and attitude I wasn't 100% satisfied right now...and that it didn't matter what it said in his listing, that buyers are protected by ebay and Paypal.....so at least its showing up in their mail system...the dispute will stand until I have the outfit in my hot little hands.
      I won't buy anything from them again, and its too bad because they had some nice stuff and decent prices....:|
    17. I KNEW, I just KNEW someone else was having trouble with this person. Here's the post I made about it in my LJ...

      In all my time using Ebay this was the most baffling transaction I have ever taken part in.

      On December 27, I was told I could return to work after two months of my position being on hold (very long story). I decided to celebrate by purchasing some nice clothing for my dolls. I had seen Magictailor's pants on another doll and was very taken with them. On top of that, she had a Christmas sale going on wigs and shoes. It was after Christmas so I messaged her and asked if the sale items were still on sale. She responded with a joke, I was more chuffed than before, very much looking forward to making a purchase.

      I bought a pair of pants and a three item lot (two wigs, and a pair of boots), requested a total, received the total and paid via Paypal. The entire exchange took less than 48 hours.

      About ten days later, I received an envelope in the mail from Magictailor. I remember being surprised that it reached me in the same timeframe I generally get packages from England- it was just after the Holidays and the mail here doesn't usually speed back up until February.

      I was rather puzzled when I opened the envelope and discovered only a single wig. Not only had magictailor not informed me that she was split shipping my items, but they were not split shipped in a logical way, say the shoes in their own package, the pants in their own package, the clothing in one package and the wigs in another. You get the idea. Not to mention that there was no other package to be seen, nor a notice of a sudden stock shortage. So, I politely messaged the seller about this matter. It took her about 48 hours to answer me, said answer being that I should get back to her if the other package didn't arrive soon. I know the British post has pretty strict rules about what constitutes a small package AND there very well could have been a holiday backlog clearing up at customs.

      Two weeks later, it hadn't showed up, so I messaged her again, asking if she had heard anything. She said she would look into it. So I waited…

      And she never did tell me anything about the first package. Around the 27th of January, I opened a Paypal claim. It had been a month. A month was plenty of time to have told me something.

      She did not respond to my claim. I decided to post another message via Paypal before escalating the claim.

      This time, she responded very quickly, within eight hours if that. She told me the package must have been lost in the mail, and that she would be happy to replace the items and send them to me via registered mail. I agreed to this on the condition she send me a tracking number as soon as possible after she shipped the items.

      I didn't get one, and I didn't get one, and was about to escalate the claim when I got a card from the PO informing me of a package which required a signature. This was on the fifth. The next day, I got a message from Paypal with the tracking information. Basically, I got the number after the package had technically arrived. Never mind that this was the sixth, and the stamp on the package states it was shipped on the first.

      This is not the happy ending however. The pants I bought were white, "were" being the operative word. When I got them out of the bubble envelope, they were covered with sewing machine grease. Not to mention that they are not nearly as nice as the pair I had previously seen. On top of that, since they were shipped in a bubble envelope and not a box, the boots are a smushed, albeit smushed symmetrically so the damage is not that obvious.

      I had to bleach the pants to get the grease out.

      I am getting ready to neg her.
    18. Getting ready to neg her? Are you joking?
      Though I realize that not every indi seller goes about things the same way I do, I have never dealt with anyone like this and hope never to encounter it.
      If I EVER sent anything to a customer with sewing machine grease stains I would expect nothing less than a replacement pair or a full refund.
      They shipped boots in an envelope????
      People have to understand that customers are why we are in business and keeping them happy is part of the job. Customers get excited about their orders and getting something excessively late and/or broken is a HUGE disappointment.
      You must treat each buyer with the same respect and degree of service as the next. In my oppinion, this includes treating each order as if t were your own.
      I would be crushed if any of these issues happened to me.
      I do hope you ladies get your items or at the very least, your money back.
    19. It took me awhile to summarize how pissed I was in a way that was under 80 characters and didn't involve any expletives. *nodsnods*

      The icing on the cake?

      I got the pants off the drying rack just now. The rivets rusted.

      Said pants are now in my repair pile. They have been out of the envelope a total of six hours. Marcel has not even tried them on. At the very least, they need another bleaching and major repairs, but DAMNIT Marcel is going to wear these pants and they are going to look fabulous on him!

      I can see shipping shoft shoes in an evelope, but really, they make tiny boxes. The boots would have fared much better in one.

      Bottom line: I should NOT be fishing findings out of my sewing box right now. Not any way you slice it.
    20. Good grief!

      I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time, saintsavin! That really sucks.