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Feedback for Ebi

May 5, 2007

    1. I had a Blue Fairy body for sale on the forum, and then decided to put it on ebay,with a buy it now or a best offer. I was PM'd by Ebi on 3/18 saying she was interested in buying the body but didn't know how to do the buy it now or best offer on ebay, so she made me an offer of $230 asking if she could do a layaway over 1 1/2 month period making 2-3 payments. I agreed and took it off of ebay, still having to pay the fees for listing it.
      She paid immediately a deposit of $100 and said to send her the shipping total.

      It took me about two weeks to get the shipping total to her because I kept forgetting.. but did so, and the shipping would be $15.50. I never got a response..so I waited.. and waited
      Finally on 4/25 I Pm'd her again asking her if she was planning to make a payment soon as the 1 1/2 month deadline had been passed and that I had decided that if the body wasn't paid in full {$145.50} was made by 5/9 that the transaction would be void and she would lose her $100 deposit.
      She Pm'd me back on 4/26 saying that she was sorry for no communication and that she had been busy with a new job and school, and that she was in the process of starting a transfer into her paypal account so she could send me money with non cc, and that payment would be made about the middle of this week.
      Still no payment, I Pm'd her this morning, asking if the transfer had been made, she replied this afternoon saying that it should have been done but that there was a problem and that she was going to the bank to find out what the hold up was..and that it wouldn't be transferred until next week, and if I wanted a MO instead...
      I hesitantly said ok and gave my snail mail....then I did some checking on her previous posts and threads..... as of 4/26 she opted to go in to a group order for some boots at $30+ a pop, wanted to buy some Luts hands, was trying to sell some heads and dolls, some of which were on hold......I then decided to end this transaction, I have had enough of waiting and think I have been more than fair.
      I have been a paypal member since they started and I know there usually isn't a problem with transferring money into an account unless you don't have the funds to do so...but obviously she has funds to go in on group orders and such instead of paying me.
      I am truly disappointed with this transaction as I have had to tell other interested buyers that is was on hold, pay for ebay fees thinking the body was going to be sold, and to now believe that I have been strung along all this time is very frustrating.
      Just beware of dealing with her. thanks