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Feedback for EchoUndine

Jan 14, 2011

    1. Hi :)
      Please, if you've had a transaction with me leave some feedback here, thanks!
    2. I just sold a Volks School C to EchoUndine recently, and she was WONDERFUL to work with. She was very kind; her communication was excellent, and she paid very promptly. She even let me know when the head arrived safely in the mail. I would very much recommend her as a buyer, and I would love to work with her again.
    3. She has joined my LEEKEWORLD quick G.O. and I'm Really Satisfied of her! She's made a prompt payment and always answer PMs very fast! Really Good Communication and great reliability!
      It's been a pleasure to deal with you! Thank you!
    4. I bought DIM Belosse from Mari, and she was absolutely wonderful! Very patient and kind, excellent communication. She shipped Belosse FedEx from Italy to the US, and she arrived the next day with no problems at all. I would buy from her again in a heartbeat!

      Thanks so much.
    5. I sold a yukata and wig to EchoUndine and she is an excellent buyer! Everything was absolutely great and I would love to deal with her again and again! =D
      Thank you very much! ^__^
    6. EchoUndine bought my tanpopo, she had asked for a layaway and was great with making payments. She had even paid it off earlier so that I could try to get her out before the postal strike. When it seems that she was caught by the post office, EchoUndine was very patient and kind.

      I would gladly sell to her again! :)
    7. I sold a head for EchoUndine. She was wonderful to deal with, paid quickly and was very understanding. I would gladly sell to her again ^^
    8. She took part in a Leeke GO I organized ^_^ was understanding and paid quickly. Thank you!
    9. I sold a SD sized mohair to EchoUndine. She paid quickly and was friendly to deal with. A pleasant trade, thank you! :-)
    10. I bought a School C head from EchoUndine and the transaction was great! Communication was good and the item was sent EMS, arriving quickly and safely to my door. It was packaged so well! :) Thank you so much for a great transaction.
    11. Takhisis bought a pair of Dollshe eyes from me. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with - friendly communication, paid quickly and kindly let me know once the item had arrived. Couldn't ask for a better buyer and I would gladly deal with her in the future. Thanks again!
    12. Sorry - that should read EchoUndine not Takhisis!
    13. Just bought a Nabarro's Boys Har head from EchoUndine. We had a wonderful and fast transaction! Communication was fast and friendly, shipping was prompt after my payment.
      Packaging was also great! The head arrived in perfect condition yesterday.

      Wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! Thank you ♥
    14. EchoUndine joined a Leekeworld GO I was hosting, and it was pleasant to deal with her ^^. She was always so nice and polite in every of her messages, fast to respond PMs and made every payment very fast. She was also always patient and understanding all the time !. Nicely, she confirmed that she received her wigs ^^. I'd love to do business with her again without any doubt at all.

      Thank you so much sweetie for all your kindness !!
    15. EchoUndine bought AS The Snow Queen head from me. She was very kind and polite. She previously repaid her layaway and I never had to worry about the payment. She is a great buyer and I recommend her to everyone!
    16. Mari!!! Thank you so-so much for buying my boy) I am really happy that no he is in loving arms!!! Only positive feedback))))
    17. I sold a wig to EchoUndine,she is friendly to deal with,paid quickly! Thank you for your purchasing^ ^
    18. EchoUndine brought a head from me, the communication was great and the transaction went really smoothly and let me know when the head arrived. Recommend as a buyer
    19. EchoUndine ( once more ^^ ) joined a Leekeworld GO I was hosting, the spring event this time . Like always everything was just more than perfect ^^ .

      It has been absolutely wonderful to have the chance to dealing with her again. I really enjoyed exchanging messages with her ^^. So nice and funny messages that made me smile and made me feel more than comfortable talking to her !! And she nicely remembered about me bitting my nails at my house so, right after she received her package didn't doubt for a second and made me know that she received it safely at home ^^ .

      I would jump at the chance to have transactions with her in the future again and again without any doubt at all ^^ !!

      Thank you so much sweetie for being this awesome !!!!
    20. I sold a wig to Echoundine, it was a great transaction throughout, with prompt payment and good communication. ^_^