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Feedback for ECRU

Sep 10, 2010

    1. I'm starting a feedback thread for ECRU.

      I sold a head to ECRU and it was a very quick and easy transaction. Payment was fast and all PMs are polite and kind. Thank you very much for being a great buyer. Please enjoy your boy.
    2. Thanks for a doll!
      Very good seller!

    3. I both doll from ECRU - it was very fast deal, most fast deal in my life. Excellent seller, I'll be happy to make any deals one's more time.
    4. I bought doll from ECRU. Everything were excellent. She agreed for layaway. Then shipped the boy very fast and with a lot of bubblewrap. Highly recommended~
    5. I've bought a DS Bermann from ECRU.
      ECRU is an excellent seller, the communication was very nice and polite, and the doll was sent the next day after receiving my payment and arrived in a perfect condition, safely wrapped in bubbles. Thanks a lot to ECRU!
    6. I bought an SQlabs DG61 body from ECRU and it's perfect! I love it so much, ahh ; v;

      Shipping was fast, communication was prompt and extra pictures for resin match were taken without questions.
      Thank you so much!