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Feedback for Edge

Nov 5, 2011

    1. Since she didn't have a feedback thread, I created one.

      Unfortunately it begins with a flakey feedback. The transaction went on for a month and a half. She told me she was sure she wanted this doll, told me she'd send me the money on a specific day. I ended up waiting patiently for 2 extra weeks (because things do happen). In the end, she changed her mind, telling me that her vacation cost too much after all.

      I as a seller feel I lost sale time, personal time and gained some stress wondering if yes or no, I'd be getting this money to make my life projects a bit easier. I was too nice and didn't ask for the deposit money I normally ask for (my fault).

      I personally don't recommend Edge to other sellers. However I can advise that if you do, show patience at your own risk. I would not do a transaction with her again, unless she paid the deposit and paid shortly after.
    2. Edge purchased 2 wigs from me- communication was excellent & payment was fast- she also let me know when the wigs arrived, thanks so much :D
    3. I traded my Crobidoll Ara for Edge's Unoa L-Bi boy, and I couldn't be happier! Not only did she ship when she said she would, but she included a lot of fun accessories. The doll was very well packaged and was exactly as described! I would definitely work with her again in the future! Thanks again for a great trade! :)
    4. Edge purchased 2 dolls from me. She was very quick deciding on the first doll and even added the second doll in record time. She paid very quickly which was incredible for a purchase of that size with no layway. She was wonderful to correspond with and notified me immediately when the package arrived. My experience was very positive and I would recommend her.